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Set in WWII France this novel will have your attention from the turn of the very first page.  Adèle flees Vichy France to escape an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love. She takes refuge in Lyon France at a convent the Sisters of Notre Dame de la Compassion. Adèle is a strong, courageous and hopeful woman who draws you in with the details of the struggles in her life. 

This was a well researched book about the French Resistance and the brave and courageous women who put their lives on the line to help save their country.  Adèle’s new found friendships and freedoms are very believable and relatable. She has you cheering her on for the happy ending she needs, wants and deserves. Prepare to be fully submerged into this story, the characters, and the time period. This book completely transports you to 1942 France. This intriguing story is filled with twists and turns, danger, tragedy, and suspense. Just when you think you have the ending figured out, one last punch knocks you back a step or two. 

This emotionally gripping novel is a must read.  It will keep your heart pounding and your pulse racing as you flip the pages through time. I really like the flow of this author’s writing style. I will definitely read more books written by this author.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Author:  Andi Newton 
Publisher:  Aria Fiction
Publication Date: August 13, 2020 
Pages: 402 
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1942, France. As the war in Europe rages on, Adèle Ambeh dreams of a France that is free from the clutches of the new regime. The date of her marriage to a ruthless man is drawing closer, and she only has one choice – she must run.

With the help of her mother, Adèle flees to Lyon, seeking refuge at the Sisters of Notre Dame de la Compassion. From the outside this is a simple nunnery, but the sisters are secretly aiding the French Resistance, hiding and supplying the fighters with weapons.

While it is not quite the escape Adèle imagined, she is drawn to the nuns and quickly finds herself part of the resistance. But her new role means she must return to Vichy, and those she left behind, no matter the cost.

Each day is filled with a different danger and as she begins to fall for another man, Adèle's entire world could come crashing down around her.

Adèle must fight for her family, her own destiny, as well as her country.


Andie Newton is the author of The Girl I Left Behind (Aria 2019) and The Girl from Vichy (Aria 2020). She writes female-driven historical fiction set in WWII. She has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Washington State University and a Master in Teaching. She would love to say she spends her free time gardening and cooking, but she’s killed everything she’s ever planted and set off more fire alarms than she cares to admit. Andie does, however, love spending time with her family, trail running, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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