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Maggie has been away from Sandy Cove for awhile but still remembers the wonderful summers she spent there when she was young.  So when she finds out that her family’s old cottage is available, she decides to rent it for the summer.  She is in much need of a vacation in order to move on from the man who recently broke her heart.  Maggie was so happy to see her best-friend Sorcha and Sorcha’s cousin Brian still living in Sandy Cove.  The three have a great time reminiscing as if it was yesterday.  Maggie finds an old box hidden in the attic of the cottage full of the love letters she sent to an American boy she met one summer.  They knew they would find each other again one day, and that day happens sooner then she expected.   Maggie is not the only one returning to Sandy Cove for the summer. She is torn between her feelings for Brian and her long lost love.

I felt like I was actually in Ireland, I could feel the coastal breeze from the Irish Sea upon my face.  The wonderful description of the village will have you forgetting where you actually are.  This phenomenal story will touch your heart and make you feel as if are part of Maggie’s close circle of friends. This series is an amazing escape that you are sure to cherish long after you finish reading the book.  I absolutely loved this amazing addition to the series.  

Thank you Susanne O’Leary for another wonderful installment to the Starlight Cottage series.  This is one series I didn’t want to end, as I wanted to stay in Ireland for a while longer.  I absolutely loved this story, and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author: Susanne O’Leary
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: December 17, 2021 
Pages: 272 
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A completely gorgeous story about lost loves and small-town secrets that will sweep you away to the Irish coast. 

Maggie remembers her summers in the village of Sandy Cove in Ireland like they were yesterday. She and her family would swim in the crystal-clear waters, collect beautiful seashells and relax on the sand. So when she sees that her family’s old coastguard cottage is available, she wonders if renting it for the summer will finally help her move on from the man who just broke her heart.

As soon as Maggie arrives she is delighted to find her childhood best-friend Sorcha and Sorcha’s cousin Brian still living in town. They enjoy cosy nights in the local harbour pub, with its stunning views across the ocean, as if no time has passed. And when Brian reveals he had a fierce teenage crush on Maggie, she can’t help but notice just how handsome he has become.

But then Maggie finds a worn metal box hidden in the attic of the house, full of love letters she exchanged with a sweet American boy she met one summer. During their last night together, star-gazing on the beach, they promised to find each other again. Soon it becomes clear that Maggie is not the only one returning to Sandy Cove.

Torn between her growing feelings for Brian and the romance she’s held in her heart for many years, Maggie realises that her summer may be more complicated than she’d expected. Will Maggie finally find a true love who can sweep her off her feet or will this holiday in Sandy Cove be her last?


Susanne O’Leary is the bestselling author of more than twenty novels, mainly in the romantic fiction genre. She has also written three crime novels and two in the historical fiction genre. She has been the wife of a diplomat (still is), a fitness teacher and a translator. She now writes full-time from either of two locations, a ramshackle house in County Tipperary, Ireland or a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties, or keeping fit in the local gym, she keeps writing, producing a book every six months.

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