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Christmas time is finally here and Lady Eleanor Swift has received an invite to the village Christmas party.  Lady Eleanor happily accepts the invitation and is thrilled to trace her family history at her late uncle’s estate. Not to mention how excited she is to be celebrating Christmas in a castle in Ireland.  Lady Eleanor with Gladstone, her amazing bulldog, and Clifford, her butler, arrive late at night.  Imagine their surprise when they find a body laying in the snow just outside the estate.  When the constable arrives and sees Lady Eleanor and Clifford standing over the body, they are at the top of the list of suspects.  Lady Eleanor discovers the victim had an old key hidden in the heel of his boot, she immediately must find what it will unlock.  The villagers have their own speculations of who the murderer is.  And when there is a fire in the castle on Christmas Eve, Lady Eleanor wonders if she will make it out alive.  Her first Irish Christmas is turning out to be the opposite of what she expected.

This was such a fabulous addition to the Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery Series.  I loved the twists and turns of the story and I was literally on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who-dun-it.  This rapid, festive read was a wonderful escape to west Ireland.  The detailed description of the Castle and the quaint village made me feel like I was there in the midst.  Once again I loved Gladstone, the bulldog being right there front and center to all the happenings going on.  This installment to the series can be enjoyed as part of the series or as a stand-alone novel.  I highly recommend this must read for every cozy mystery fan. It is a lovely series.

Thank you Verity Bright for a wonderful addition to the series.  This cozy mystery set in Ireland is exactly the holiday escape I needed.  I loved it and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author:  Verity Bright
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: November 28, 2022 
Pages: 342 
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Irish whiskey, rolling green hills, a traditional Christmas feast and… a murder? Lady Swift will need the luck of the Irish to survive this holiday season!

Christmas, 1923. Lady Eleanor Swift has received a rather unexpected invitation to the village Christmas party in the tiny, rural hamlet of Derrydee in the west of Ireland. Eleanor is thrilled about exploring her ancestral roots at her late uncle’s estate and spending the festive season in a castle. Packing Gladstone the bulldog’s coziest Christmas jumper, they set off to the Emerald Isle with her butler Clifford in tow.

Arriving late at night, Eleanor and Clifford are shocked when they find a body sprawled in the snow on the winding country lane outside the estate. The local constable is immediately suspicious and all but accuses the pair of murder. This isn’t the warm Irish welcome Eleanor imagined!

Clifford is certain he recognises the poor fellow from the funeral of Eleanor’s uncle – but what was their connection? Undeterred by the villagers’ lack of gossip on the matter, Eleanor is determined to get justice for the victim. The man’s pockets are suspiciously empty of personal effects, but closer inspection reveals an old key hidden in the heel of his boot. Could this unlock more than one mystery for Eleanor?

But when a fire breaks out at the castle on Christmas Eve, an even bigger question looms: 
is someone out to ensure the family line dies with Lady Swift? And will Eleanor’s first Irish Christmas be her last?


Verity Bright is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing partnership that has spanned a quarter of a century. Starting out writing high-end travel articles and books, they published everything from self-improvement to humour, before embarking on their first historical mystery. They are the authors of the fabulous Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery series, set in the 1920s.

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