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Cora Mayhew is trapped in Paris after she survives an attack on the train she is riding.  As she is thrown from her seat she can’t help but wonder if she will make it out alive and will she see her family ever again?  She loves her adoptive family but she wants to find her birth mother.  She is carrying a letter that she must get mailed.  Cora has many hurdles that she has overcome but none of them are more important than what lies ahead for her.  She meets Max Heller, a German soldier and he helps her to find the best and safest way out of France.  With so much at stake she must decide if she should continue her search for her birth mother or leave France forever and risk never seeing Max again.

I enjoyed The Last Letter From Paris by Kate Eastham very much. This heartbreaking story had me gripped from the very beginning.  This World War II story is filled with courage, determination and resilience.  It is one that will stay with me for a very long time.  Kate Eastham does an exceptional job of pulling the reader into the story and making them feel like they are living in the very moment.  I found this book to be unputdownable and I highly recommend it.  

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Kate Eastham
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: February 7, 2023 
Pages: 313
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Winter 1940, Paris. The air is thick with fog the day Cora’s train is struck by Nazi bombs, throwing her from her seat as the carriage lurches off the tracks. In that moment, the only thing on her mind is making it out alive to return to the family she left behind…

Bruised and gasping for air, 
Cora Mayhew struggles to her feet, shaking glass from her hair. Clutching a fine silver locket, surrounded by passengers crying out for their loved ones, Cora knows she must find a way to post the heart-wrenching letter she’s been clutching in her hand and get back to her beloved family in America.

For months she’s seen the flashes in the night sky and heard the drone of planes. She came to Paris to search for her birth mother – the locket her only clue – and stayed to work for the secret resistance movement, helping others escape the horrors of war. But now, staggering from the wreckage, Cora fears she too should have left Paris sooner.

Just as her spirit starts to slip, a German soldier finds Cora and saves her life. 
Max Heller is everything a Nazi shouldn’t be: kind, good-humoured and selfless. As he helps her plot her escape from France, Cora can’t help but fall for him – even though she knows she shouldn’t lose her heart to an enemy soldier…

Then the discovery of a devastating secret about her birth mother forces her to confront a painful truth. Max is the only one who can help her, and the contents of her letter are too important not to make it out of Paris. But should she place her trust in the enemy, or go it alone and risk never making it out alive? And does escaping from Paris mean she will never see Max again…?


A change in circumstance meant Kate Eastham made the shift from a career in nursing to being a carer for her partner. Determined to make the most of this new role ‘working from home’ and inspired by an in-depth study of the origins of nursing, she wrote her first novel at the kitchen table. Miss Nightingale’s Nurses was published by Penguin in 2018, closely followed by three more in the series. With her passion for history, Kate aims to make visible the lives of ordinary yet extraordinary women from the past. Her current historical fiction is set during the World Wars and will be published by Bookouture.

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