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Ukraine, 1941:  Katya falls in love with a Hungarian soldier, named Anthony.  Shortly after he is killed in battle she discovers she is pregnant. As an unwed mother she is forced to give away her son.  Her brother Adrian and his wife Nadia adopt Katya’s son and raise him as their own.   She can’t possibly take any more heartbreak.  When Katya is taken against her will, she is transported to a labor camp.  The only hope she has is the memory of her son Alexander and the only way she will ever see him again is if she can escape.  

The Soldier’s Child by author Tetyana Denford is an utterly heartbreaking and unputdownable story of love, resilience and hope.  This story takes place from just after World War I ends and   through World War II.  The author does a phenomenal job of carrying the reader through each page attaching them to the well developed characters.  I felt emotionally invested in the family and Katya was an extremely likable and amazing person.  She demonstrated such strength, hope and unconditional love for family, in such a volatile time.  This was a story based on true events and that made it even more compelling.  I highly recommend this rapid page turner, absolutely phenomenal.


Rating: 5 out of 
Author:  Tetyana Denford
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: July 10, 2023
Pages: 350
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He will always be mine,” she whispers, as the tears in her eyes blur her vision. She holds her baby tightly, her breath coming out in ragged gasps, knowing that she will have to say goodbye… 

Ukraine, 1941. War has ripped Katya’s country and heart in two. When her first love and the father of her child, a young Hungarian soldier, is killed in battle she thinks her heart couldn’t break any more. But when she discovers she is pregnant, she is forced to give their beautiful son away.

Then two soldiers knock down her door and force her into a truck. Katya is terrified, but as she is driven away to a labor camp her spirit remains strong. Because as she looks out the tiny window at the barren winter landscape she thinks only of her little 

She knows she must find a way to escape if she can ever see him again. 
But will she ever be reunited with her precious son? Or will they be torn apart forever by the war that has already taken so much?


Tetyana Denford grew up in a small town in New York, and is a Ukrainian-American author, translator, and freelance writer. She grew up with her Ukrainian heritage at the forefront of her childhood, and it led to her being fascinated with how storytellers in various cultures passed down their lives to future generations; life stories are where we learn about ourselves, each other, and are the things that matter most, in a world where things move so quickly.

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