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Daisy Clarke is in much need of a new beginning, but where does she start?  The news of her inheriting a house on the lake, located on Ireland’s west coast, couldn’t come at a better time. It’s exactly the fresh start she is looking for.  Daisy has never been to the tiny village of Innisfree.  Upon her arrival she meets James, the lawyer that is handling her inheritance.  She sees the charm of the village and finds herself loving everything about it, and understanding why her late mother Rose loved it so much.  James offers to help Daisy fix up the lake house while at the same time, helping her to find the truth about her past.  What she discovers is more than she expected.  Is this the new beginning she has been searching for or will it just be more heartbreak?

The Irish Lake House, written by author Colleen Coleman was a wonderful and heartwarming story.  Oh my goodness I loved everything about this story.  From the moment I opened the cover until the very last page, this book had all the feels.  It was completely unputdownable and it left a lasting impression in my heart.  I absolutely loved every person in the story and Daisy feels like a new best friend.  The author describes the beautiful village of Innisfree so wonderfully.  I loved it from the moment I arrived and I never wanted to leave.  The west coast of Ireland was beautiful and I could feel the warm sun on my face as I found the ripples in the lake to be mesmerizing.  This was a phenomenal escape to Ireland and will definitely be remembered for a very long time.  This is a new author for me and she immediately just landed on my auto-buy list.  I look forward to reading more of this author’s books.  This is for sure a ten star read and I highly recommend it.  I love, love, loved this book!!


Rating: 5 out of 4.



Author:  Colleen Coleman 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: November 13, 2023
Pages: 357 
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Clutching the faded postcard tightly in her hand, Daisy looks around the sun-soaked Irish village. So this is the place her mother ran away from all those years ago… What secrets did she leave hidden here for Daisy to find?

Daisy Clarke is searching for a new beginning. So when she inherits a lake house on the stunning west coast of Ireland that was mysteriously left to her late mother Rose, she wonders if this could be the fresh start she’s been looking for.

Daisy has never visited the tiny village of Innisfree, with its rolling green hills and cobbled streets, but she remembers how her mother’s eyes would fill with tears whenever it was mentioned.Because when she was pregnant, Rose ran away from this magical place in the middle of the night with a heart-breaking secret she never shared…

Arriving in Ireland, Daisy meets 
James, the handsome lawyer handling her inheritance. With his warm Irish charm, gorgeous sense of humour, and sparkling sapphire blue eyes, he soon makes her heart flip whenever she sees him. And when he offers to renovate the lake house and help her uncover her family history, Daisy begins to wonder if she can open her heart once more.

But when Daisy discovers the shocking truth behind her inheritance and her true family, it changes everything… When the dust settles, will she be able to build a future with James? Or will the secrets of her mother’s past destroy her hopes of a future in the beautiful Irish village she has grown to love?


Colleen Coleman is an Irish-Canadian novelist. She is the winner of the much-coveted Novelicious Undiscovered People’s Choice Award launched to find the next ‘chick-lit star’. She spent over ten years working as a teacher of English and Philosophy before finally taking a deep breath, scrunching her eyes shut, putting her pen to paper and vowing not to lift it again until she wrote the words The End. As a result, her first novel was born. Colleen lives between London, Ireland and Cyprus with her very patient husband and very, very chatty twin daughters.

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