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Sebastien is a Jewish journalist living in London in 1939.  As the war rages on across Germany people are rapidly losing hope.  Sebastien left his family in Germany and can’t make it through one day without thinking about the one’s he left behind.  Leaving his family was the only way he could keep them safe from the Nazis.  He sees a notice for a lodger but he is sure that knocking on the door will be just like all the others that turned him away.  But when the door opens and he is welcomed by Finley.  She rents him the room and he thinks there may be hope after all.  Sebastien knows that his time is short lived as he must join the fight in order to save not only his family but his homeland.  

The Only Light In London written by author Lily Graham is a wonderful, emotional and unputdownable novel.  Graham has proven to be an amazing author that pens well beyond her years.  I love the nuggets of history that she incorporates into her books that keep the pages flipping rapidly.  This World War 2 historical fiction is a well written and moving story.  My heart broke for Sebastien and the tough decisions he was forced to make in order for his family to survive.  This phenomenal story will have you reaching for the tissue box over and over again.  I loved everything about this fast-paced and heart-wrenching read that I highly recommend.  Definitely a favorite and unforgettable book.



Rating: 5 out of 5.
Author:  Lily Graham
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: February 20, 2024 
Pages: 292 
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She took him in when no one else would. She didn’t expect to fall in love… 

London 1939. As war casts a dark shadow in his homeland Germany, journalist Sebastien wanders the grey fog-filled streets. His heart breaks as he remembers his hurried goodbye to his mother and sister. But even if everyone in London looks at him with suspicion in their eyes, he knows he made the right choice. It was the only way to keep his family safe from the Nazis hunting him…

When he sees a notice for a lodger in a pretty house on a cobbled street, he doesn’t allow hope to flare within him. He’s been rejected at every door he’s knocked on. But when 
Finley, with her warm brown eyes and sparkling smile, agrees to rent him the room, he allows himself to see a chink of light in the darkness. And as they grow closer over cups of cocoa in the cosy kitchen, love begins to develop.

Sebastien knows that he can’t stay hidden in Finley’s warmth forever though. He has to join the fight. It’s the only way to save his family and put a stop to the horrors in the country he once called home. When he leaves, they promise to keep their hope and love alive.

But Finley has something that she hasn’t been able to tell Sebastien; something that makes her life alone in the city all the more dangerous. And as the bombs rain down in London, and Sebastien risks his life in France, will she ever get the chance to share her secret with him?


Lily Graham was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was a journalist before turning to writing fiction full-time. She moved to the U.K. with her husband and their dog, Fudge, five years before – to be closer to her parents. Her family is of British decent.

She has written seven novels including the bestselling, The Paris Secret, The Island Villa, and recently The Child of Auschwitz, which has been translated into multiple languages. Her novels have been published worldwide and translated into multiple territories.

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