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Paige inherits a cottage on Dune Island from her great-aunt Violet, whom she has never even met.  So you can only imagine how surprised she is when she is notified.  Her plan is to fix it up and sell it as soon as possible.  She has heard many stories about the Hathaway family that were neighbors to Violet.  So when Paige bumps into Seth Hathaway, she begins to think that maybe the Hathaways aren’t so bad after-all.  While searching through Violet’s cottage she finds the one and only piece of Violet’s jewelry, a locket and an inscription inside.  A romantic message from Violet’s true love.  Paige wonders if Dune Island could bring her the happiness she desperately needs.  She uncovers a secret of Aunt Violet’s lost love, but is it a secret that would clear her Aunt’s name or should she keep it hidden from everyone forever?

Aunt Violet’s Locket written by author Kristin Harper is a wonderful and emotional story. This story is  a phenomenal installment to the Dune Island Series.  I always seem to get lost when I visit Dune Island.  I am mesmerized by the sea lapping at the shore and the wonderful little village.  The details that Harper portrays to the reader will transport you to Dune Island, and you will want to stay for a while.  This story, filled with many plot twists makes it intriguing, unputdownable and wonderfully heartwarming.  This charming read is exactly what I needed.  I loved it.  I highly recommend this ten star read.


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author: Kristin Harper 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: March 12, 2024
Pages: 314
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The long, tarnished chain and heart-shaped pendant is heavy in Paige’s hand. Carefully prying it open she can just make out the tiny engraving inside. What she reads will change everything she ever believed about her great-aunt Violet, and their family history…

When newly single and heartbroken 
Paige inherits an isolated cottage facing out to the wild sea on Dune Island from her great-aunt Violet, she is shocked. Paige never even met Violet, and she’s heard family stories about how a terrible incident involving the wealthy neighboring Hathaway family during World War Two led Violet to withdraw from everyone. But why would Violet leave everything to her?

Determined to clear out the cottage and sell it as quickly as possible, when Paige bumps into 
Seth Hathaway as he walks back from the beach, at first she’s guarded. But Seth’s easy smile makes her think that maybe the Hathaways can be trusted after all…

Then Paige finds an old envelope containing her aunt’s only piece of jewelry. The romantic message inscribed inside brings tears to her eyes, and Seth shows her how the initials match those carved with a heart into an ancient beech tree on her aunt’s property. Did Violet live her whole life yearning for the person who gave her the locket?

As Paige and Seth grow closer, she starts to wonder if she could find happiness right here on Dune Island. And if Paige discovers the identity of Violet’s lost love, can she finally clear her aunt’s name—
or in this tight-knit island community, should some secrets be left in the past forever?


I grew up in New England and I’ve vacationed on Cape Cod almost every summer of my life, except for one year when I allowed my job to interfere with my vacation plans. (Fortunately, I never made that mistake again.)

After moving around the country and working in all sorts of professions, including roles in education, philanthropy and healthcare, I’m glad to be living in Massachusetts again, writing women’s fiction set in fictitious oceanside locales.

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