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This is the second book in a trilogy and I must say it was as good as the first book.  I love the continuation from the first book.  The author bridges the two stories together so well. 

When Alexandria tragically looses her young son, and her husband is called up to serve in the Union, it is her two year old daughter that helps her through her grief.  As you get pulled into the story, you will have an immediate connection with the Alex. The choices she makes and the experiences she endures with have you cheering her on and reaching for the tissues at the same time. The historical background is so well written, that you will feel like you went back in time.  

This well written engrossing novel is sure to be a favorite.  I look forward to the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book.



Rating: 5 out of 

Author:  Celeste De Blasis 
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: December 8, 2020 
Pages: 784 
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Alexandria Falconer gazes around the honeyed land of Wild Swan, the extraordinary horse farm she built up from nothing in the border state of Maryland. It has been Alex’s sanctuary through years of turmoil, and she has come of age in this land of opportunity. But the storm clouds of civil war are gathering, and Alex knows she has a choice to make to protect her family and maintain the precarious peace at Wild Swan.

When Alex’s son dies tragically, she is shattered. It is only through caring for her adopted daughter, two-year-old Gincie, that Alex starts to overcome her grief and find comfort with her beloved husband Rane once more. But when Rane is called away to aid the Union war effort, she is left bereft.

Alex’s heart is with Rane, but at home she has the sole responsibility of shielding Gincie and the rest of her family from the danger creeping ever closer to their door. When a charming soldier arrives at Wild Swan, Alex reluctantly gives him shelter, but the two form a bond and when news arrives of Gettysburg, she is torn with worry for men on both sides of the battlefield. With Gincie by her side, she undertakes a dangerous journey to fight for her family, her principles, and the man who holds her heart…


Millions of readers have fallen under the spell of the lush, enthralling and bestselling novels by Celeste De Blasis. Tales of adventure and romance set against the sweep of history—all are storytelling at its finest. After graduating from Pomona College, Celeste devoted her life to impeccable research and spellbinding writing. A native Californian, Celeste grew up on the historic Kemper Campbell Ranch in the Mojave Desert, where she lived until her death in 2001.

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