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I absolutely love a great cozy mystery, where you don’t know who dun-nit, until the very end.  With a few twists and turns along the way, that’s exactly what you get from this fabulous read.

Georgia Rae Winston is back together again with Detective Cal Perkins.  And when Georg finds a beef heart on her porch she just thinks it is a prank but then other things happen that prove it’s way more than a prank.  So, Georgia is on the case and is bound and determined to find out who it is.  Who will the clues lead her to?  Just when you think you have solved the case, you will find yourself derailed.  I connected with Georgia Rae as she is such a great well developed character.  I loved the romance between Georgia and Cal.  It made them come alive and feel like people that you would want to hang around with.  Detective Cal Perkins is so protective of Georgia and rightfully so.  

This is the finale in the series Georgia Rae Winston Mysteries. This author, Marissa Shrock, does a fantastic job of keeping the reader very engaged and yet not knowing the culprit until the last page is turned.  I look forward to reading more stories from this great author.  Thank you Marissa Shrock for such a wonderful series.


Rating: 5 out of 5


Author:  Marissa Shrock
Publisher:  Cimelia Press
Publication Date: March 10, 2021 
Pages: 220 
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Georgia Rae Winston believes she’s found her happily-ever-after. But life is about to prove her very wrong. 

Georgia is back with Detective Cal Perkins, and they’re looking toward a blissful future. But her ex-boyfriend’s family isn’t thrilled with that idea. And neither are Cal’s multiple admirers. 

When a package containing a beef heart shows up at Georgia’s door with a note that reads, “A dead heart for Georgia Rae the Heartbreaker,” they sense their lives are about to shift into fifth gear. Is one of their exes playing a malicious prank, or is someone more sinister behind the threat? 

Then, Georgia discovers a limerick scrawled on the wall of her kitchen that dares her to solve a mystery designed specifically for her. A mystery that promises to be quite deadly. For her. For Cal. And for anyone who gets in the murderer’s way.

Strap in for the stunning conclusion to the Georgia Rae Winston Mystery Series. Just don’t read it at night.


Marissa Shrock is a survivor of many awkward blind dates and many years of teaching middle school. Both provide excellent inspiration for her fictional yarns.

Since childhood, she’s loved to read a variety of genres, so her own work includes dystopian thrillers and cozy mysteries. She’s the author of the Emancipation Warriors Series and the Georgia Rae Winston Mystery Series. Her debut novel, The First Principle, was a Carol Award Finalist.

Marissa enjoys playing golf, building elaborate LEGO creations, and traveling to new places. Her home is in Indiana, where she’s surrounded by corn and soybean fields.

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