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This story was very captivating from the first page to the last.  It is a well written contemplative story, that will leave you with lots of thoughts running through your head long after you close the book. 

Allison Middleton is nineteen years old when she is proposed to by Westley Houser.  She immediately accepts even though she doesn’t know much about his past, but soon finds out about his secret, a daughter that he has.  Allison raises Westley’s daughter Michelle, as if she were her own.  As their life together as a family unfolds, Allison struggles with the challenges that life throws at her.  But through personal inner strength,  they make it through the trials and tribulations of life.  As Allison becomes a grandmother, she reminisces on all the steps her life has taken, and how different things may have been for her, had she made different choices.  This story of reflection and the type of legacy you leave of your life, is one that will truly stay with you.

I really liked  this story and I recommend this great read.  It was amazing to me how relatable the characters were in this story.   Thank you Eva Marie Everson for such a fantastic read.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Author:  Eva Marie Emerson
Publisher:  Firefly Southern Fiction
Publication Date: March 23, 2021 
Pages: 481 
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Can an ordinary life leave an extraordinary legacy? 

In 1977, when nineteen-year-old Allison Middleton receives a proposal of marriage from Westley Houser, she eagerly accepts, having no idea the secret Westley carries—a secret that will change Allison’s life forever. But Allison rises to the challenge of raising Westley’s toddling daughter as though she were her own. 

Over the course of their lifetime together, Allison, Westley, and Michelle form the strong bond of family. As Allison struggles with infertility and finding her way during a time of great change for women, others—some she knows and others whom she never meets—brush and weave against the fabric of her life, leaving her with more questions than answers. 

From teen bride to grandmother, Allison’s life chronicles the ups and downs of an ordinary woman’s life to examine the value of what we all leave behind.


Eva Marie Everson is a multiple-award winning author and speaker who hails from the picturesque Southern town of Sylvania, Georgia. She is president of Word Weavers International, director of Florida Christian Writers Conference, Managing Editor at Firefly Southern Fiction, and enjoys coaching new authors through her company, Pen in Hand. She is an avid photographer who enjoys turning her photos into inspiring memes for you to share (with proper attribution). Eva Marie and her husband make their home in Central Florida. They are the parents of three fabulous children who have blessed them with the world’s greatest grandchildren.

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