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Freya Johansson is a veterinarian and is in desperate need of getting out of Seattle.  She needs a fresh start and decides to spend the next two years in the small town of Whisper Falls.  But when Trent Crossley, a vet school classmate arrives in Whisper Falls, Freya is not happy.  That is the last person she ever wanted to see again. Not only did Trent effortlessly breeze through veterinarian school, but, he also betrayed her and she vowed to never forgive him.  Whisper Falls, needs a new veterinarian and the Town Council will make the decision of who is the bet fit for the town and the job.  So for eight weeks both Freya and Trent will compete for the job. They have been hired for the same job and their competitiveness with each other makes this story so engaging, and pulls you into the book.  

I love all how the animals were so intertwined throughout the book it really came to life.  I  enjoyed the storyline of this book so much. The wonderfully written description of Whisper Falls, made me wish it was a place that I could actually visit. The energetic and dynamic characters made this a fabulous fast paced novel.  This charming read needs to be at the top of your list. It was a wonderful escape. This phenomenal story is one that will stay with you after you read the last page. 

Thank you Ellyn Oaksmith for another wonderful story.  I really enjoyed the flow of the story and the characters were so perfectly portrayed that they feel like new friends.  Definitely a wonderful and perfect must read.  I loved it, and I highly recommend this book.



Rating: 5 out of 
Author:  Ellyn Oaksmith 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: September 30, 2021 
Pages: 316 
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Two old rivals. One dream job. And a summer they’ll never forget. 

Freya Johanssen needs a fresh start. A recently heartbroken and newly-qualified veterinarian, she will take any job that gets her away from Seattle—for now. Her plan is to spend two years in the small town of Whisper Falls, and then head back to the city and civilisation.

And then Trent Crossley shows up, and her carefully laid plans are blown to pieces. He’s the last person she expected—or wanted—ever to see again. This is the guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women; who breezed through vet school without studying and who betrayed her in a way she’ll never forgive. She thinks he’s an arrogant party boy; he thinks she’s an uptight perfectionist. Now he’s in her clinic, and the fluttering in her stomach must mean she’s still mad at him.

It seems they have both been hired for the same job—and now neither is backing down. But as Freya works to outdo Trent at every turn, she starts to see a different side to the man she thought she knew. Falling in love was never part of her plan. And if she wants the new beginning she’s worked so hard for, can she afford to give away her heart?


Ellyn Oaksmith is the USA Today and Kindle bestselling author of addictively fun love stories. She has never run a winery, been attacked by drones or nearly drowned someone but she loves putting her characters in challenging situations. Ellyn also enjoys chatting with readers on social media. Especially when she should be writing. Ellyn began her writing life as a screenwriter in Los Angeles which, outside of writing hours, is exactly as crazy as it seems in the movies. After hightailing it back to her native Seattle, Ellyn began writing comedic romances and never looked back.

Ellyn lives in Seattle with her husband. She’s part of a competitive rowing team. You can often find her on Lake Sammamish rowing in the dark.

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