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Hanni Winter is assigned to photograph Tony Miller an American pilot.  He is one of the good guys, risking his life to smuggle in food and necessities to the starving people in Berlin. There are so many in need and so little help.  But when Hanni sees a man Reiner Foss from her past, horrific memories immediately come flooding back.  Reiner was a commander in a concentration camp.  When Hanni previously tried to expose Renier, she almost died. She’s a different person now, one of courage, strength and resilience.  After surviving the horrible things the Nazi’s did, she knows that now is the time to concur. Now is the time avenge the lives of the prisoners and their families that suffered under the hands of the Nazi’s.  But with her attraction to Tony, the American Pilot, she wonders if it really is the right time to expose Reiner Foss, once and for all.  

This story was so heartbreaking, and brilliantly written.  The strength and determination of Hanni is admirable.  I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this story.  It was so well written and the author makes you feel as if you are walking through the streets of Berlin, holding Hanni’s camera bag as she takes photographs.  The sights and sounds of Berlin seem to be at your fingertips as you rapidly flip the pages.  This, read in one sitting, is a must, but make sure you keep the tissues nearby because you are sure to need them.  

Thank you Catherine Hokin for such a wonderful addition to the Hanni Winter series.  This story was captivating and so moving.  I was totally absorbed.  I highly recommend this book.




Author:  Catherine Hokin
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: April 4, 2022 
Pages: 345 
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‘Smile, nod, and don’t breathe a word of what happens here. Or I’ll put you on the next train to Auschwitz myself.’

Four years later.Hanni Winter shivers in her thin coat as she hurries through the empty Berlin streets to her job. Despite the freezing winter and poverty all around, her cheeks flush when she meets the man she is photographing today, charismatic Tony Miller, the American pilot risking his life to bring food and provisions to the starving people of the city. But her rush of joy turns to ash as she sees the man behind him…

It’s been years since Hanni fled her terrible past, but seeing Reiner Foss now brings back harrowing memories of the man they called 
The Showman,and of the concentration camp he commanded. The last time she tried to expose him, Hanni almost died, can she dare to try again? Or should she seize the chance she sees in Tony’s sparkling eyes to leave the horrors of the war behind?

Hanni is no longer the frightened child she was when the Nazis devastated her life beyond repair. She vows to avenge every person who suffered at Reiner’s hands. But does her attraction to Tony leave her vulnerable? Can Hanni protect her loved ones from her past, or will the cost of fighting her demons ultimately prove more than she can pay?


Catherine Hokin is the author of two World War Two inspired novels set in Berlin, her favourite city. Following a History degree at Manchester University she worked in teaching, marketing and politics, while waiting for a chance to do what she really wanted which was to write full time. Her short stories have been published by iScot, Writers Forum and Myslexia magazines and she was the winner of the 2019 Fiction 500 Short Story Competition. She is a lover of strong female leads and a quest.
Catherine now lives in Glasgow with her American husband. She has two grown-up children – one of whom lives, very conveniently, in Berlin – and a life long addiction to very loud music. 

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