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Geneva, 1942, Valérie works with her father making watches. She hears devastating news over the radio airwaves from occupied France.  It’s only a matter of time before the Nazi’s invade.  She is worried not just for her country’s future but also for Philippe, her childhood sweetheart.  Philippe is fighting in the army and Valérie just can’t sit by and do nothing, so she decides to help the French Resistance.  She sneaks messages in her father’s watch delivery boxes.  Thinking it’s not enough she soon decides to hide Jewish refugee children in her father’s old workshop.  But one night she has to make a devastating decision that possibly could forever change her past, present and future.  

This heart pounding and utterly gripping story had me on the edge of my seat.  I was completely hooked from the first page to the last.  This ‘new to me author’ immediately pulled me in, and I felt as if I was living inside the story.  Each scene played like a movie in my mind’s eye.  Wow, this unputdownable story is absolutely captivating and a definite must read.  I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, it’s an auto buy for sure.

Thank you Dianne Haley for such an amazing and inspiring book.  This is truly a story that is sure to stay with you.  I highly recommend this book.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Dianne Haley 
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: April 25, 2022 
Pages: 289

Hiding the worn piece of paper among her father’s watch deliveries, her eyes fill with tears at the memory of her brave friend walking towards the Nazi soldiers, and the sharp sound of gun fire. Her friend sacrificed herself so that she could deliver this message. But if she hands it over, the love of her life will die… 

1942, Geneva: As her radio crackles with heart-breaking news from occupied France, Valérie Hallez gazes towards the snow-covered Alps after a long day helping her father, a local watchmaker. With a Nazi invasion looming, she is sick with worry for the future of her country, and for Philippe, her childhood sweetheart with soft brown eyes. Valérie might not be able to join the army like him, but she is determined to play her part in the fight against evil…

In defiance of her father, Valérie helps the French Resistance by smuggling messages among her father’s watch deliveries. And when darkness falls, she risks everything to hide Jewish refugee children in his old workshop. Philippe fears for her safety, as her work for the Resistance could come with a heavy price. But nothing will stop her delivering vital information and getting terrified children to safety before they are sent back to the Nazis.

But when Valérie is entrusted with an urgent letter for the Allies, she finds herself in an impossible position. The information it contains could alter the course of the war. But if she hands over the message now, it will cost Philippe his life. With Nazi spies closing in on her, Valérie must act now… 
But can she really trust the man she loves, and will she find a way to save both him and her country before it’s too late?

Devastated that he hadn’t tried to save her, Wouter spends his days delivering food and transporting people to safety, determined to help those most in peril. But he never gives up hope of finding the woman he loves.

Even when he hears the rumours about the Nazis cramming Jews onto cattle trains for deportation to brutal work camps, he can’t believe she’s gone forever. How could he live if Laura was amongst them? And if he does find her, will their love have survived the ravages of everything they’ve been through, together and apart?


Originally from the north of Scotland, Dianne now lives with her husband in Edinburgh and has two grown-up children. After a thirty-year business career in London and Edinburgh when Dianne wrote between projects, she is now writing full-time.

Dianne and her family have been visiting the area round Lake Geneva since 1992 and love the Alps in all seasons. The inspiration for her series set in WW2 Switzerland came from a drive through Geneva’s old town on a rainy October evening, the cobbled lanes a perfect setting for secrets and hiding places.

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