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Tina Hamilton is a normal ten year old, who loves fishing, planting and harvesting.  She enjoys playing baseball with the boys and roaming around the local area in beautiful Appalachia.  Investors want to turn her beautiful mountain town into a destination vacation theme park.  But that would literally destroy the quaint town that they know and love.  So, Tina’s father does everything he possibly can to stop that from happening.  But at what costs is he willing to endure to stop the project?  

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  This new to me author quickly became a favorite.  I really enjoyed her writing style and felt like she transported me to Appalachia.  I loved the characters of the story and they seemed like normal, real people, much like close family and friends.  This beautifully written, coming-of-age story is one that will stay with me for a while.  I enjoyed the writing style and the story flowed very well, keeping me interested and engrossed all the way to the end. This story was captivating, inspiring and full of hope. I highly recommend this very thought provoking book.  

Thank you Laura DeNooyer-Moore for such an inspiring and encouraging story filled with hope.  I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend this book.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author: Laura DeNooyer-Moore
Publisher:  Lighthouse Publishing 
Publication Date: December 14, 2012 
Pages: 323 

Are secrets worth the price they cost to keep?

Ten-year-old Tina Hamilton finds out the hard way. 

She always knew her father had a secret. But all of God’s earth to Tina are the streams for fishing, the fields for planting and harvesting--a world snugly enclosed by the blue-misted Smokies. Other than the seasons, nothing ever changed.

Until the summer of 1968.

Tina’s life changes forever. Trouble erupts when northern exploitation threatens her tiny southern Appalachian town.

Some folks blame the trouble on progress, some blame the space race and men meddling with the moon’s cycles, and some blame Tina’s father.

A past he has hidden catches up to him as his secret settles in like an unwelcome guest. The clash of progressive ideas and small town values escalates the collision of a father’s past and present.


As a Michigan native, Laura earned a BA in Education and Fine Arts at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, then taught school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for nine years. She pioneered the middle school and high school art program, wrote curriculum, taught creative writing, and coached volleyball.

Over twenty years later, Laura started her own teaching and tutoring business from home, working with home schoolers the past sixteen years. Between these two teaching jobs, she and her husband raised four children. In her spare time, Laura wrote and published her first novel and received awards for other stories.

Storytelling through novels is her passion, especially character-driven stories featuring complex relationships, whether historical fiction or a fairy tale setting.

Laura has contributed to The Baum Bugle periodical and hosts a blog to encourage creativity and spur imagination, wherever they are found.

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