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Germany 1945:  Under the rule of the Nazi’s, surviving this volatile time is getting harder and harder. Miriam’s daughter Rosa marries Daniel for the convenience of escaping to England in order to survive.  Miriam tried to get her son, Willi, onto the kindertransport train but he wasn’t allowed to board because there was a mistake in his paperwork.  They try to flee but they are caught by the Nazi’s and are sent back to the concentration camp.  Miriam survives and makes it to the checkpoint at the border.  She must clear the checkpoint to get into England in order to finally find Rosa.  While at the checkpoint she meets Jack, an English Officer and sympathetic after hearing Miriam’s story.   There is something very familiar to him about Rosa and her husband Daniel.  With Jack’s help Miriam finally makes it to London.  Miriam searches for Rosa, all the while Rosa is searching for her parents, wondering if they have survived the horrific camps in Germany.  

This story was so unbelievably amazing.  I was so enthralled and inspired by the courage and the will to survive portrayed in this story.  This story was one of a mother’s love and sacrifice to do whatever is necessary to save her family.  It’s a story of families torn apart and doing everything they possibly can to reunite with each other.  This is a definite five star, must read novel.  Keep the Kleenex nearby as this one hits all the feels.  Amazing, amazing, amazing…I absolutely loved it!!!

Thank you Liz Trenow for such a wonderful and inspiring book.  I was so captivated by this story and found it to be unputdownable.  I highly recommend this book.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Liz Trenow
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: May 5, 2022
Pages: 315 
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The queue is long, but that barely matters. She is used to waiting. For the midnight knock at the door, for her number to be called, for the next meal of watery soup, the sound of a gunshot... Sustaining her through every moment of waiting, there has remained the tiniest flicker of hope: her daughter Rosa’s face, eyes bright and expectant, arms outstretched. 

Germany 1945Miriam has travelled for over two weeks to reach safety. Exhausted and hungry, she knows she is still one of the fortunate ones. One of the few to survive the camps. Having lost her darling husband and son, the only thing that has kept her walking is the hope of finding her daughter, Rosa.

As she arrives at the checkpoint, she is told it is closed for the day. But in her mind Miriam can hear her daughter’s voice: 
Be strong, stand up to them. Don’t let anyone bully you, Mum. Standing tall, she comes face to face with the guard and refuses to leave until they help her.

When Miriam is introduced to an English officer named 
, she describes how, fearing the Nazis, she and her husband sent Rosa to England to marry. It was not a marriage of love but of survival. Now, Miriam needs the officer’s help: if she is to be reunited with her beloved daughter, he will need to help her travel to England.

But as Miriam begins to describe Rosa, there is a look of recognition in Jack’s eyes. As he listens to her story, he is transported back to an unforgettable English summer, to secret picnics in the long grass, and to a love that shaped the man he became. Will Jack now risk everything to help Miriam make the biggest journey of all, back to her daughter and her freedom?


Liz Trenow is a former journalist who spent fifteen years on regional and national newspapers, and on BBC radio and television news, before turning her hand to fiction.  Searching for My Daughter is her ninth novel. The Forgotten Seamstress reached the top twenty in the New York Times best seller list and The Last Telegram was nominated for a national award. Her books are published all over the world and translated into many languages.  


She lives in Colchester with her artist husband, and they have two grown up daughters and three grandchildren.  

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