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Lily hasn’t been back to Dune Island in decades but when her estranged Aunt Dahlia passes away, Lily has no other choice but to return.  Lily is a single mother and was completely surprised to discover that she has inherited the family home and cranberry farm.  Dahlia betrayed her family and so many years and so much unforgiveness festered throughout the family.  Lily’s intent was to sell the family home and use the money for her young son’s future.  But when Lily returns to the house she realizes the farm manager Jake Benson, and also her high-school crush so many years ago.  Jake loves the farm and doesn’t want Lily to sell it, but can he convince Lily to keep it? Soon many buried family secrets come to light and Lily starts to wonder if she was wrong in harboring unforgiveness for so long. 

I was ready to return to beautiful Dune Island so this story arrived at the perfect time.  This book has all the feels and I was completely enthralled from the first page to the last.  This rapidly moving story was very heartbreaking, inspirational and an absolute joy to read.  Dune Island is a beautiful little town and one I would love to visit. This author does an absolutely amazing job of vividly describing the Island and I could almost hear the waves lapping on the shore and feeling the sand at my feet.  I thoroughly enjoyed the plot twist and turns with the little mysteries woven throughout the story it kept me flying through the pages.  This time slip novel is a story of second chances and reconciliation with family and friends and that always warms my heart.  This is such a fabulous story and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Kristin Harper for such a wonderful installment to what has proven to be a beautiful series. I really enjoyed it and I absolutely recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author: Kristin Harper 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: September 15, 2022
Pages: 315 
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Turning off the winding coastal road and seeing the old farmhouse surrounded by cranberry vines ahead, Lily’s breath catches in her throat. It’s just how she remembers it. But pushing open the wooden front door for the first time in decades, it’s clear everything has changed…

When her estranged aunt 
Dahlia dies, single mother Lily Lindgren is surprised to inherit the family home and cranberry farm. Returning to Dune Island for the first time since Dahlia admitted to a terrible betrayal that shattered Lily’s trust in her family, she’s ready to sell up and finally create a stable future for her little boy. But her high-school crush and farm manager Jake Benson is determined to stop Lily’s plan…

After helping Dahlia turn part of the house into a local produce store, Jake shared her dream of making the cranberry farm a community hub for the island. His stories about Dahlia, and how much she had missed Lily all these years, make Lily question if she was wrong to never forgive her aunt. And when Jake joins her long walks over the sand dunes, there’s an undeniable spark… could a move to Dune Island be the key to her and her son’s happiness?

But then, clearing out Dahlia’s bedroom, Lily finds 
an old picture of Dahlia that stops her in her tracks. Just when she was making peace with Dahlia’s memory and learning to trust again, Lily’s heart is shattered to find she was keeping another secret. Can Lily trust Jake to tell her the painful truth—or will she run from Dune Island again for good?


I grew up in New England and I’ve vacationed on Cape Cod almost every summer of my life, except for one year when I allowed my job to interfere with my vacation plans. (Fortunately, I never made that mistake again.)

After moving around the country and working in all sorts of professions, including roles in education, philanthropy and healthcare, I’m glad to be living in Massachusetts again, writing women’s fiction set in fictitious oceanside locales.

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