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Ellie Roberts is lucky enough to inherit a cottage on the remote Isle of Scilly. Come to find out it belonged to Patience Ellis whom she had never known.  So why was the cottage left to Ellie?  She travels to the remote island to see if she can find out some answers to so many questions.  She doesn’t waste any time, as soon as she arrives on the island she begins her search.  She finds the cottage and she immediately feels very familiar with her surroundings.  She feels as if she had been there before.  Ellie soon meets Branok Shore and he thinks he can help Ellie find some answers to her questions. Ellie searches for answers about her past, but she soon begins to wonder about Branok’s past on the island.  With their budding friendship, she must stay focused on why she is there, but Branok doesn’t make it easy.  Ellie and Branok find an old dresser of Patience’s, when they pry the drawers open they find it’s filled with letters that were written during World War II.  Ellie reads the letters and so many answers about her past are made known. 

This is the first book I have read written by this author and I  truly enjoyed it.  I really liked her writing style and the flow of the story was captivating.  The storyline completely captivated me.  I couldn’t put this book down, and really enjoyed the characters.  I felt a connection with the characters, and I felt emotionally invested in their lives.  This dial timeline was fascinating and I was intrigued by the time slip back to World War II.   I really enjoyed this wonderfully written, captivating, and gorgeous, must read story and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Rebecca Alexander for such a wonderful and enjoyable read.  Although this is the first book of yours that I have read, I look forward to reading more of your stories.


Rating: 4 out of 4.


Author:  Rebecca Alexander
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 342 
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As Ellie stood on the boat, watching the small island come into view, she wondered what awaited her on shore. What secrets would she uncover in this place?

Ellie Roberts inherits a cottage on a remote Scilly Isle, she’s shocked. She’s never heard of the previous owner, Patience Ellis, so why did she leave Ellie her legacy?

Overwhelmed with unanswered questions, Ellie travels to the isolated island. Windswept from the boat, salt spray still on her skin, she searches for Patience’s whitewashed cottage, hidden behind overgrown ivy. But when she steps inside, the house feels strangely familiar, and she has a memory of laughing as a child with her beloved mother in the window seat overlooking the sea… The mother she lost when she was only a child.

Determined to find out more, Ellie meets enigmatic local 
Branok Shore. While at first he seems uninterested, he believes he can help. Charmed by his green eyes, and curious about his past on the island, he and Ellie grow closer, but Ellie knows she needs to understand her own story before she can embrace the future. And when Branok prises open Patience’s dresser, filled with letters from the Second World War, Ellie discovers the shocking secret Patience was forced to hide – and the truth that will change her own life forever.

The letters tell the story of a brutal storm on a dark night in the depths of war, and of an injured soldier who begged Patience for help, and asked her to make an impossible choice…

But the letters don’t hold the answers Ellie so desperately needs. Why did Patience leave her home to her? And how can Ellie have memories of the cottage, when she’s never been there before? 
When Ellie finally uncovers the truth, will she be strong enough to put the fragments of her life back together?


Rebecca Alexander was born in Malta and grew up on the south coast of England, becoming a psychologist. She escaped parenting six children to study writing in 2011, and the Secrets series of novels was published in 2013. A Baby’s Bones and sequel followed. Rebecca lives in a haunted 300-year-old cottage in Devon where she grows fruit, paints, and bakes. She reads and writes all sorts of genres, from women’s fiction to fantasy to crime. She is married with four chickens, two grandchildren and a cat. 

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