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My Grandmother’s Inn by Kristin Harper was a book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.  Molly Anderson is still in the grieving process from losing her Grandmother Beverly.  She loves Hydrangea House and has many amazing memories there.  The Frost family wants to close Hydrangea House now that Beverly has passed away, but Molly wants to run the Inn for one last summer.  Molly soon meets Matt, a guest at the Inn and also an oceanographer and they enjoy each other's company.  But when she discovers he is related to the Frost family, she begins to wonder, can she trust him? 

I absolutely loved this heartwarming story of family, hard work and new found love.  I was immediately pulled into this story and I wanted to walk along the beautiful sandy beach and admire the amazing sunset.  I wanted to jump into the pages and not only taste the wonderful pastries served at breakfast, but I wanted to rummage through the attic and basement with Molly searching for family secrets.  An absolutely lovely inspiring read.  This was a wonderful story that I didn’t want to end….I loved it and I highly recommend it!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author: Kristin Harper 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: MARCH 31, 2023
Pages: 311 
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Periwinkle-blue flowers spill over the picket fence, framing the simple wooden sign that reads Hydrangea House. But Molly’s eyes fill with tears. Her grandmother Beverley used to stand right there in the doorway, ready to welcome guests. Now Beverley is gone, will the inn close forever?

Grieving and newly single 
Molly Anderson begs the wealthy Frost family, owners of Hydrangea House, to allow her to run the inn for one last summer before they shut it down. She vows to give the final guests a summer to remember by the sea. It’s what Beverly—who worked uncomplainingly for the Frosts her whole life—would have wanted.

But when an elderly woman checks in claiming to know a secret about Beverly’s true connection to the Frost family, everything Molly knows about her beloved grandmother is called into question. The woman says that a message in a bottle hidden somewhere at Hydrangea House, will not only reveal the truth, but could stop the Frosts’ plan in its tracks.

Desperate to do whatever she can to save Hydrangea House, Molly combs the inn from attic to basement, helped by visiting oceanographer 
Matt. She could never get involved with a guest, but Matt’s kindness as he listens to her worries, and the way his deep brown eyes keep locking with hers are hard to ignore…

But as they fill their summer with searching, rumors and bad reviews about Molly start to spread. By delving into the mystery of the past, has she shattered any chance of the inn’s future? Can Matt be trusted, or is he more closely linked to the Frost family than she thought? And when she finally unlocks the secret about her grandmother, 
will it bring Molly peace—or tear her apart?


I grew up in New England and I’ve vacationed on Cape Cod almost every summer of my life, except for one year when I allowed my job to interfere with my vacation plans. (Fortunately, I never made that mistake again.)

After moving around the country and working in all sorts of professions, including roles in education, philanthropy and healthcare, I’m glad to be living in Massachusetts again, writing women’s fiction set in fictitious oceanside locales.

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