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The Polish Wife by Goshia Nealon, takes place in Germany in 1934.  Anna is hiding in Warsaw and she wants to fight against the German occupation.  Anna is willing to risk everything, including her own life, in order to accomplish her mission.  She runs a network of spies out of what appears as a café for enemy soldiers.  She left her husband as soon as she found out he was a Nazi.  Anna has a new found love for her country and the people that need her now more than ever for their freedom and survival.

This is a heartwarming story of love, loss and survival.  It was inspiring to read of the courageous people that would do anything and everything to help others survive a terrible time.   This heartfelt read was a rapid story that kept my attention at the flip of every page.  This amazing read hit all the emotions and left me heartbroken.  This is the second installment in The Secret Resistance Series. It can be read as standalone or as part of this fabulous series.  Thank you Goshis Nealon for such a wonderful read.  I highly recommend it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author: Gosia Nealon 
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
Pages: 270 
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Germany, 1934. Surrounded by beautiful wedding china, we share our first dinner alone as husband and wife. But, instead of sharing affections, all he talks of is his admiration for Hitler. I force a smile, but my blood runs cold. How can I stay with him, now I know what he truly is?

Six years later. When Anna is approached by the Polish resistance while sheltering in Warsaw, she is eager for the chance to fight against German occupation. Managing a network of spies behind the façade of a café for enemy soldiers will mean risking everything. But, after fleeing her fanatical Nazi husband only for war to follow close behind, Anna can’t run any more.

Every conversation she overhears between the unsuspecting officers at the café brings back awful memories of the Nazi her husband became and makes her more determined to do what is right. Spending more time with the resistance behind the scenes, she grows close to them all—
especially a brilliant young doctor with deep hazel eyes called Mateusz, who shows her a kindness she has never known.

As they work together, Anna can’t help imagining what life would be like with him, instead of the man she is tied to. But one day her dreams of a future with Mateusz, and freedom for her country, are shattered. 
Her husband has tracked her down. 

Terrified, Anna knows that living as his wife again is her chance to gather information that could help end the war. But 
can she keep her nerve long enough to spy on her own husband? And with such a high-ranking enemy officer watching her every move, can she protect Mateusz, the man truly she loves, from the firing line?


While Gosia Nealon is a proud New Yorker, she was born and raised in Poland. Her journey to the Big Apple revealed a wealth of cultural differences, but also the values that connect us all. Like the fierce desire to protect family, find love, and ultimately, discover who we are and why we’re here. 

Gosia’s award-winning short stories have always delved into life’s biggest questions, but it was the drama, sacrifice, and tragedy of WWII that led her to pen her debut novel, which won a gold medal in the 2022 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY).  Growing up in Poland, Gosia heard many firsthand accounts of the war, told from a perspective rarely captured in mainstream literature. She was compelled to breathe life into two young people falling in love in the midst of the most terrifying conflict of our time. When Gosia isn’t tapping away at her laptop, she’s often walking the streets of New York. With her husband and two young sons in tow, they search for the most succulent pierogi, transporting them back to the cobbled streets of her childhood.

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