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You can’t ever go wrong with an Ella Carey novel.  I always find her stories to be very intriguing.  This book was captivating from the very first page. This is the first book in the new trilogy, The Daughters of New York.  Which means there is so much more to look forward to finding out in this true story.

It’s 1942 and the war rages on across Europe. The beautiful and talented chef Lily Rose, wants to work in a kitchen, in a renowned restaurant in New York City, but in those days the men ran the restaurants. Lily takes a chef job in a famous New York Italian Restaurant, Valentino’s.  She pursues her passion for cooking and feels she has to prove herself.  She falls in love with her Italian co-worker Tom.  They love to cook new recipes and old ones too, together in the kitchen.  The relationship between Lily and Tom develops but is quickly put on hold when Tom is drafted to go fight in the war in Italy. Lily turns to her family for support, but her mother is furious when she finds out about the relationship. Lily will wait for Tom to return but her mother won’t hear of it, and has other plans for who Lily is to marry. Her mother wants her to  marry Nathaniel who is a wealthy high society socialite.  But Lily wants to be independent and happy like her Grandmother, Josie.  Her Grandmother is her biggest supporter and encourages Lily to pursue her dreams of being a chef. As Lily waits for Tom to return to New York, she gets word that Tom is missing.  There is so much going on across the pages that it makes this book unputdownable.  The characters are so relatable and the fact that it is a true story, gives it so much depth.  The twists and turns of this story will have you flying through the pages. 

This was such an interesting angle to write about.  Most often novels are written about being in the war zone, but this one tells you the story of the loved ones left behind.  I loved this book and I highly recommend it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Well done Ella Carey, I look forward to reading the rest of this series.



Author: Ella Carey
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: March 12, 2021 
Pages: 379 
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She looked at the telegram in horror, the words blurring in front of her eyes. She dropped to her knees, feeling that her entire world was ending. The paper slipped from her hands as she put her head in hands, sobs wracking her chest…

1942, New York. As war rages in Europe, Lily Rose is grateful for her perfect life: the love of her wealthy uptown parents in their beautiful brownstone overlooking the park and her dream job as a chef at one of New York’s finest restaurants, the art deco dream that is Valentino’s. But in her heart, Lily is drawn towards the bohemian Sicilian community in Greenwich Village, where gorgeous fresh fruit spills onto the pavement and the smell of freshly baked cannoli tempt her inside every Italian deli.

Part of the attraction is Tom Morelli, talented chef and handsome grandson of Sicilian immigrants, whose deep brown eyes call to her and set her heart on fire. As wartime rationing bites in the city, Lily and Tom stay up late, dreaming up delicious meals that will see Valentino’s through the war and distract New Yorkers from the threat of sons and sweethearts being called up. Lily knows he has found the key to her heart.

Then Tom receives a devastating summons that changes everything: he is drafted to Italy. He must return to his beautiful homeland to fight a desperate war.

Suddenly alone, with only the memory of Tom’s last kiss, Lily turns to her parents for support. But when her mother finds out about her relationship, she is furious. When the war ends, Lily’s duty is to marry the man picked for her, raise children and never work again. They give her a heartbreaking ultimatum: end her relationship with Tom and give up her job or lose her family and inheritance forever.

Lily knows she must follow her heart to Valentino’s and to Tom. But when Tom is declared missing in action, Lily is totally heartbroken. If she pursues her dreams, will there be anything left for her when the war is over?


Ella Carey is the international bestselling author of The Things We Don’t Say, Secret Shores, From a Paris Balcony, The House by the Lake, and Paris Time Capsule. Her books have been published in over fourteen languages, in twelve countries, and have been shortlisted for ARRA awards. A Francophile who has long been fascinated by secret histories set in Europe’s entrancing past, Ella has degrees in music, nineteenth-century women’s fiction, and modern European history. She lives in Melbourne with her two children and two Italian greyhounds who are constantly mistaken for whippets. Ella loves to connect with her readers regularly through her facebook page and on her website.

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