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Wow, this was such an amazing, gripping, emotional and heartbreaking read.  I absolutely loved this story by Emma Davies.  

Louisa Adams is doing everything she possibly can to keep her life together and keep herself from falling apart.  The years following the fatal car crash that took the life of her husband have been the hardest she’s ever had to endure.  But as a writer she isn’t able to make ends meet and so she decides to move into the seaside guest house that her daughter and son-in-law just bought.  With the hopes of putting her family and her life back together.  Will she be able to move past the final stage of her grieving and build the life she’s always wanted?  As a freelance writer, the newspaper asks her if she would write a news article about a local sand artist, Isaac.  She accepts the offer and when she meets Isaac, the artist there is a familiarity about him, but she can’t seem to place what it is.  As she gets to know him, she can’t help but feel as if he has secrets he is hiding.  And then comes the day when everything comes out in the open, and then the real healing begins.

The vivid description of the location whisked you away.  You feel as if you are actually in Devon, UK, standing on the seashore allowing the water to flow over your feet.  I absolutely loved this story of hopes and dreams, forgiveness and love after moving on from devastation. Emma Davies shows how true forgiveness is so important in repairing your heart.  Thank you Emma Davies for such a fantastic story.



Rating: 5 out of  
Author:  Emma Davies
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: March 16, 2021 
Pages: 383 
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He helped you move on… Until you discovered what he did. 

Louisa Adams has done her best to hold herself together in the years since she lost her husband in a car accident. But each morning she wakes to find his side of the bed cold is more painful than the last, and she’s struggling to make ends meet as a writer. She must admit defeat and move into the crumbling seaside guest house her daughter just bought. Perhaps it might help put what’s left of their broken family back together…

There, Louisa is offered a final chance to save her career by writing an article on a local sand artist, Isaac. Except, when he turns to greet her – tall, handsome and weather-worn – something about him feels disturbingly familiar. Why, when he looks into her eyes, does she feel like he knows exactly who she is and everything she’s been through? 

As they explore the rugged coastline’s hidden coves together – living and laughing like she never thought she would again – Louisa is fascinated by this man who creates beautiful sculptures on the shoreline, but deep down she knows he’s keeping a secret from her. The discovery of a charcoal scribble in one of his sketchbooks linking him to the death of her husband, confirms her deepest fear. Is she ready for what he will tell her, and will letting him in tear her family and her heart apart all over again? 


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