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This debut novel was such a well written and engaging story, you can’t help but devour it in one sitting.  This true story of the author’s grandmother, and her family, is sure to touch your heart.

The story of the Atwood family moving from Missouri to Harlan County, Kentucky in the early 1900’s was amazing.  As you follow in the footsteps of 12 year old Anna Beth Atwood, you feel her experiences as if they were your own. The trials and tribulations that Anna Beth endured, were so real, that you feel as if you are right next to her, sharing in the tears and the smiles.  The tragedy of losing everything in life, will have you reaching for the Kleenex box.  And, as the family makes it trough life’s trials, you will find yourself rejoicing with them.  The hope of their survival, because of the grace of God, was depicted with such compassion.  The underlying faith and redemption storyline was amazingly portrayed throughout the book.  

This author writes well beyond her years, and the gift that she has of being a natural storyteller, shines through in her writing. I look so forward to reading more from her.  Thank you, Rebecca Duvall Scott, for such a touching and emotional story that has all the feels. This is a must read.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Author:  Rebecca Duvall Scott
Publisher:  Emerge Publishing LLC 
Publication Date: January 17, 2021 
Pages: 204 
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When Dignity Came to Harlan is set in the early 1900s and follows twelve-year-old Anna Beth Atwood as she leaves Missouri with her family dreaming of a better life in the coal-rich mountains of Harlan County, Kentucky. Anna Beth’s parents lose everything on the trip, however, and upon asking strangers to take their girls in until they get on their feet, Anna Beth and her baby sister are dropped into the home of Jack and Grace Grainger – who have plenty of problems of their own. Anna Beth suffers several hardships during her time in Harlan, and if it wasn’t for her humble and wise old friend who peddles his wisdom along with his wares, all would be lost. 

Based on a true family history, this is a story of heartbreak and hope, challenges and perseverance, good and evil, justice and merciful redemption. It exemplifies the human experience in all its many facets and shows what it means to have real grit. Take the journey with us and see how, with the unseen hand of God, one girl changed the heart and soul of an entire town.


Rebecca Duvall Scott is an accomplished author and the recipient of numerous awards. Her first published work and best-selling memoir, Sensational Kids, Sensational Families: Hope for Sensory Processing Differences, chronicles the research, interventions, and mindset shifts that successfully brought her family through her son’s SPD diagnosis. While she values her special needs initiative, her heart has always been with Christian historical fiction. Her long-awaited novel, When Dignity Came to Harlan, is based on her great-grandmother’s childhood. Rebecca lives with her husband and their two children in Kentucky and plans to write more in both the Dignity and Sensational Kids series.

In addition to writing, Rebecca enjoys family, church, educating her children at home, painting, and directing a local homeschool cooperative organization where she works hard to accommodate all special needs.

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