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With the Fourth of July right around the corner, Inn of the Woods is the place to celebrate love and life, or is it.  Ox and Kate Swanson, are happily married and enjoying owning Inn of the Woods.  Ox’s health is getting worse as he is struggling with multiple sclerosis.  He feels that his health condition is holding Kate and him back from having a family.  As they struggle with the possibility of not having a family, they have to find a way to stay strong together. Kate decides to play matchmaker and invite her best friend Ali and a previous guest Matt back to the Inn at the same time, but is Ali ready for a relationship even though she thinks she doesn’t want to be in one?  

I absolutely loved how the author bridges the gap between Grounded in January and this story.  It was so great to reconnect with Maggie and to see her engaged to Richard and wanting to have the wedding at the Inn of the Woods.  But Maggie has many obstacles from her past to overcome before she begins a new life with Richard.  This is a must-read story of family, friends, love, and overcoming obstacles that life throws at you. 

Thank you Savannah Hendricks for this wonderful read, I was swept away.  It was a charming read and a wonderful escape. I loved everything about this book and I highly recommend it.  I look forward to reading more of your amazing stories…keep them coming.


Rating: 5 out of


Author:  Savannah Hendricks 
Publisher:  Grand Bayou Press 
Publication Date: June 29, 2021 
Pages: 256 
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This summer, love is in at the inn
From the author of the award-winning novel Grounded in January comes the romantic comedy sequel about love and the obstacles in its way.
With only a few days until the 4th of July, Inn of the Woods is blooming with love and life-changing news. The ever-clumsy, Kate Swanson, works through the reality of her and her husband’s decision not to have children by trying to convince Ox that their English Lab, Bayou, needs a puppy-sibling. But Kate doesn’t stop there. She jumps headfirst into a matchmaking plan between her best friend, Ali, and prior guest, Matt when she invites them for a summer getaway at the inn.

Multiple sclerosis warrior, pilot, and inn owner, Ox Swanson, receives devastating news, forcing him to give up his main joy in life. To accept the change and find a new secondary income source, he’ll need to overcome a long-standing fear with the assistance of Bayou’s therapy skills. But will Ox’s grounding propel him to push Kate out of their marriage?

When the inn’s regular guest, Maggie, who’s now a Crooked River resident, announces her and Richard’s engagement, she rushes to the Swanson’s to inquire about having the wedding at the Inn of the Woods. However, continuing to navigate the emotions attached to being a widow, she’s soon filled with doubt and calls it off.

Will romantic sparks fly at the inn, or will everything fizzle and fade like fireworks?


Savannah Hendricks is an award-winning author who writes clean romance, coming of age, and children’s picture books. She specializes in stories with heart and humor.
Savannah has worked as a nanny, with special needs preschoolers, and for the last 8 years, she’s been a medical social worker. She lives in Arizona and holds degrees in early childhood education and a master’s in criminal justice/criminology.

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