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This is the first book I have read by this author and it was absolutely wonderful. Carmel Harrington is a new author for me, and I really enjoy her writing style. She draws you in to the story as soon as you open the cover and holds you until the end.

Bea O’Conner has lived in New York City her whole life but always felt like there was a hole in her heart….a void.  It’s New Years Eve and she finds a letter she wrote to herself twenty years ago, full of wishes she wanted for her life.  When she reads her time capsule letter, she realizes she has always wanted to visit Kilmore Quay in Ireland.  Now the opportunity has come for Bea to make the trip across the pond to the land of her ancestors.  When she arrives in Kilmore Quay, Ireland she feels as if those wishes may come true.  But the emotional plot twist and turns will have you flying through the pages, unable to stop reading until you reach the end.  

I was touched by the loyalty of Bea’s two best friends, they have been by her side her entire life, and now they travel to Ireland with her.  This story is sure to pull at your heartstrings, and is one that you will find yourself adding to your must read again pile.

The description of Kilmore Quay was so detailed, that you will feel as if you have actually been there.  Thank you Carmel Harrington for this wonderful read, I was swept away.  I loved this book so much and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.



Author:  Carmel Harrington 
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: June 1, 2021 
Pages: 375 
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They say home is where the heart is, yet somehow my heart is split in two. New York, the city I live in and love, and Ireland, the home of my ancestors—somewhere I have lived only in my dreams. And now I have no choice but to go looking…

Brooklyn, New York: Broken-hearted and home alone on New Year’s Eve, Bea O’Connor finds a letter she wrote to herself nearly twenty years before…

In the letter, she’d wished for many things. To never lose touch with her two best friends. For her father to be happier. To one day go back to the picturesque Irish village of Kilmore Quay, so she could find out more about her mother who’d died when Bea was tiny. Bea had also dreamed that she’d one day find love—even if her heart is too fragile since losing Dan to think about that right now.

Impulsively she starts writing new little wishes in the margins of the letter. But as the moon goes down over New York City and another year begins, a little magic seems to be in the air. And, as shocking family secrets come to light and Bea finds herself having to travel to Kilmore Quay at last, some of those wishes start to feel like they really could come true.

Even if fate has one last twist in store…


Carmel Harrington is from Co. Wexford, where she lives with her husband Roger, children Amelia and Nate and their beloved rescue dog, George Bailey. An international bestseller and regular panellist on Irish radio and TV, her warm and emotional storytelling has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, translated into nine languages. Carmel’s trademark is to write warm, uplifting stories with humour, heart and hope. She loves to write about family, friendships, love and life within complex, twisting plots. Carmel’s novels have been shortlisted for an Irish Book Award in 2016 & 2017 and her debut won Kindle Book of the Year and Romantic eBook of the Year in 2013.

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