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Pack your bags because this book is going to launch you to the Scottish Highlands.  This uplifting, enjoyable and wonderful sweet romance is a captivating read.  I really liked the characters and their relationships with each other we very relatable.  

Paige Dougall has the perfect life, marriage, family, job until it all falls apart.  Now single mother Paige leaves her job in London, takes her daughter, Grace and moves home to Lockton, Scotland.  Life is quite an adjustment for them transitioning from the city life of London and to the quaint little village life of Lockton.  Paige feels so out of place in life until she meets the local chef Johnny Becker.  Chef Johnny helps Paige step out of her comfort zone and try some new things, mountain climbing, puppy training and of course food.  The more time Paige and chef Johnny spend together the more their relationship develops, and they realize they are stronger than they thought they were.  Will Paige decide she loves everything about the village and want to make it her home for herself and Grace or will she return to the big city life back in London?  This uplifting story has all the feels.  It is a feel good page turner, that keeps your attention from cover to cover. 

Thank you Donna Ashcroft for this wonderful read, I was swept away.  It was a charming read and a wonderful escape. I loved everything about this book and I highly recommend it.



Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Author:  Donna Ashcroft
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: June 4, 2021 
Pages: 273 
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Escape to the gorgeous little village of Lockton in the Scottish Highlands, where you’ll discover sunshine, secrets and an unforgettable romance. It’s the perfect place to be this summer…

Thirty-year-old Paige Dougall’s life is a mess. Only a year ago she was smashing all of her life goals: handsome husband, high-flying job, cute kid. But in just under twelve months everything has gone wrong. Nursing a broken heart, single mother Paige returns to her childhood home in a picture-perfect Scottish village to try and get her life together.

Paige is too wrapped up in her worries to embrace the beautiful rolling hills and lavender-scented air of the highlands. That is until Johnny Becker, the infuriatingly cheerful chef, with his twinkling eyes and dimpled smile, steps onto the scene and provides Paige with some much-needed distraction…

Johnny challenges Paige to step outside her comfort zone and focus on the things that really matter. From food tasting, to puppy training, to mountain climbing, in every moment she spends with Johnny, Paige finds herself remembering how to live again… will she be able to love again too?

Across long sunshine-filled days, Paige and Johnny grow closer and she’s tempted to open her heart to him. But is happy-go-lucky Johnny hiding secrets of his own? 

And can Paige learn to let go of her past and find happiness in the highlands?


I spent years working in publishing and as a freelance copywriter before turning my hand to writing romance novels. It took a few more years until I got the story right, and I was helped along by the help of the fantastic Romantic Novelists Association and their New Writer’s Scheme. I was awarded the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017, along with my fellow author Erin Green. After this I met Natasha Harding from Bookouture who offered to mentor me through the WoMentoring Project – and this lead to my first publishing contract. I’m working on my sixth book now. When I’m not lost in my latest novel, I work for an online retailer where I buy natural beauty and cleaning products (and indulge my other great passion – moisturiser). Originally from Buckinghamshire, I lived in Lancashire and London before settling in Hertfordshire. Here I live with my own romantic hero Chris, two fantastic teenagers, along with a couple of very grumpy cats.

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