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Clara Blackwell helps her mother manage a 100 year old family bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina.  The bookshop is struggling to survive and it takes everything she has to keep it going.  But when Clara discovers an old letter tucked away in a book, that has never been opened, she can’t wait to open the seal and read it.  The letter takes her on an adventure of a lifetime.  As Clara follows her heart and unwrap the mystery of the past, she is transported from the estates of the Vaderbilts to Derbyshire, England. As she uncovers the love story of her great-great grandmother and the only name in the letter, Oliver.  The truth of her family’s past is revealed as well as the hope of her future.  

This captivating story of hope, past, present and future made this book unputdownable.  I really enjoyed the plot twist and the detailed description of England made it a wonderful and much needed escape.  I love the writing style of this author, it is both intriguing and entertaining and keeps your attention while rapidly turning the pages.

Thank you Pepper Basham for such a wonderful and amazing read.  This entertaining and exciting story, definitely pulls at your heartstrings. This compelling story of love and secrets is amazing.  The flow of the story reads as if it is a poem, a love letter. It is an absolute must read and I highly recommend this book.



Rating: 5 out of 5.
Author: Pepper Basham
Publisher: Barbour Books 
Publication Date: April 1, 2021 
Pages: 267 
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Uncover the Story Behind a One-Hundred-Year-Old Love Letter. Walk through Doors to the Past via a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure.

Clara Blackwell helps her mother manage a struggling one-hundred-year old family bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina, but the discovery of a forgotten letter opens a mystery of a long-lost romance and undiscovered inheritance which could save its future. Forced to step outside of her predictable world, Clara embarks on an adventure with only the name Oliver as a hint of the man’s identity in her great-great-grandmother’s letter. From the nearby grand estate of the Vanderbilts, to a hamlet in Derbyshire, England, Clara seeks to uncover truth about family and love that may lead to her own unexpected romance.


I wrote my first story when I was a nine year- old, freckled-faced tomboy in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains (my earlier writings wouldn’t have been considered “books”, more like short stories). Coming from a long line of oral storytellers, weaving a good yarn seemed a typical part of my life. It wasn’t until I finished college, had two children, and a full-time job before I began to study the ‘craft’ of writing (you know when I had plenty of time).

My music-director turned pastor husband took his first senior pastor position eight years ago, moved the 6 of us to Tennessee, where we added our fifth and final kid to the Basham crew. And now hubby is a music minister in Asheville, NC. Yep, we love the Blue Ridge Mountains.
So…now I’m an older, freckled-faced mommy enjoying life, learning to write, and laughing often. My mom says that I must have a small bit of insanity because I don’t realize how stressed I ought to be.

I’m also a speech-language pathologist who spends her time hanging out with kids who have social communication and language difficulties! It’s a challenge and a blessing – and constantly teaches me about the importance of thinking outside the box!

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