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In 1944 Holland, Saskia would carry messages from captives, in Amersfoort Concentration Camp, to their families living outside the camp.  Everyday she passes Nazi guards on the street as she rides her bike from the camp to families with her pockets full of notes, while hoping she doesn’t get caught.  Saskia and her boyfriend Frans know that the need to keep going out weighs the risk.  And one day when Saskia gets caught, her life completely changes.  She is forced to wear a yellow star and is so saddened that she can’t help the prisoners and their families anymore.  Saskia knows that to escape over the wire fence is almost impossible but she has hope and faith, to concur and overcome the darkest time of her life. 

This story was an amazing and wonderful story is an absolute must read.  This rapid page turner will have you flying through story, and the only thing that will slow you down is the need of tissues so make sure you have plenty nearby. 

Thank you Imogen Matthews for such a heartbreaking and emotional story.  The fact that this was a true story had me glued to the pages.  The hope that was portrayed throughout the storyline was amazing and inspirational. This wonderful story is a must read and I highly recommend this book.



Rating: 5 out of 
Author:  Imogen Matthews 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: September 15, 2021 
Pages: 286 
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1944, Amersfoort Concentration Camp, Holland. Based on a true story, the unforgettable tale of two young lovers who risked everything to keep hope alive in the very depths of hell.

The scrap of folded paper weighed heavy in Saskia’s pocket. The Nazi guards were patrolling the streets in ever-increasing numbers and every time she passed one on her bicycle she felt herself tense. The note she held told a story of unbelievable courage. The Nazis wanted the prisoners to give up hope inside the camp but Saskia was smuggling letters to them from their loved ones, giving them a reason to survive.

But with every letter Saskia delivers she is put in even more danger. Though she and her boyfriend Frans are more careful than ever they know their lives are at risk.

And one day when Saskia is caught, she is marched into the camp and forced to wear a yellow star.

Everyone says it’s impossible to escape across the wire fence: there is no one left to ferry messages, and as the war progresses the Nazi guards inside the camp become even more dangerous. Together Saskia and Frans have given strangers something to believe in in the darkest of times. Now that Saskia is alone, will her love for Frans give her the hope she needs to survive?


Imogen Matthews is an Oxford-based, award-winning author and journalist with an interest in forgotten stories from WW2 Holland. Imogen was born in Rijswijk, Holland, to a Dutch mother and English father who moved the family to England when Imogen was very young. All her life, she listened to her mother’s stories about her life in Holland, in particular the hardships she faced during the Hunger Winter in 1944-5, which has had a profound impact on her writing.

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