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Kitty Underhay is back on the case.  Kitty and her fiancé Matthew Bryant are at the Torbay Country Club for the day.  They are attending an archery event.  While walking Matthew’s new cocker spaniel, Bertie, around the Country Club grounds, Kitty makes a horrible discovery, the body of the host Sir William Winspear.  Cause of death is an arrow in his back.  Through the interviews of the sporting event, Kitty finds out that Sir William had threatened one of the guests, Ivan.  Ivan is a guest of the Country Club and is a Russian dancer, he relies on Sir William for sponsoring him.  It seems like an easy case for Kitty Underhay to solve. But when Kitty finds Ivan’s body in the pool the next day, she must continue her investigation before the culprit takes another victim.  

I absolutely love the Kitty Underhay amateur sleuth series.  Kitty is a very likeable character, and she and her fiancé Matthew are a great pair.  This cozy mystery is a fast read and will keep you wondering who the culprit is, until the very end.  I found myself flying through the pages, and in a hurry to find out whodunnit.  I really enjoyed reading about Bertie the cocker spaniel.   What a fabulous addition to a great story. I thoroughly enjoyed this awesome addition to the Kitty Underhay Mystery Series.   I look forward to the continuation to this fantastic series.

Thank you Helena Dixon for such a wonderful addition to this series.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Helena Dixon
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: June 17, 2022 
Pages: 276 
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Kitty Underhay is playing doubles… with death.

Kitty Underhay is accompanying her fiancé, Matthew Bryant,and Bertie, his new cocker spaniel, on an outing to Torbay Country Club. However, the delightful day soon turns to disaster. Walking Bertie in the shaded grotto after an exhilarating archery demonstration, Kitty makes an unsporting discovery: the body of their host, Sir William Winspear, with an arrow in his back.

When the local inspector falls foul interviewing female witnesses, Kitty steps up to the mark. And she quickly discovers that Sir William had threatened one of the guests, dashing Russian dancer Ivan, who is dependent on him for patronage. When Kitty overhears a damning conversation between Ivan and his sister, the case seems clear. But
 the next day Ivan is disqualified as he is found face down in the pool…

The race is on for Kitty to find the real killer, but she must keep her head in the game if she is to outwit this cunning murderer. And 
when the final score comes in, will it be ‘killer: three, Kitty: zero’…?


Nell Dixon was born and continues to live in the Black Country. Married to the same man for over thirty-five years she has three daughters, a cactus called Spike, a crazy cockapoo and a tank of tropical fish. She is allergic to adhesives, apples, tinsel and housework. Her addictions of choice are coffee and reality TV. She was winner of The Romance Prize in 2007 with her book Marrying Max, and winner of Love Story of the Year 2010 with her book, Animal Instincts. She also writes historical 1930’s set cozy crime as Helena Dixon.

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