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Audra March has a troubled past and she wants nothing more but to forget about it and leave it behind her.  She needs a fresh start, a new beginning and she decides to move to a small town in Wisconsin and create a new identity for herself.  She welcomes the fresh start and does enjoy the new small town life.  She finds an old recipe box and is wanting to find the owner.  Her new found purpose in life, takes her on an adventure across the country.  She meets an Appalachian preacher who says that he will help her find the owner of the recipe box.  

I enjoyed this story very much and I found the characters interesting, likable and relatable.  I was drawn into the book from the beginning and it held my attention to the very end.  I absolutely loved the message of God’s unfailing love and His forgiveness of our past.  It continually resonated with me throughout the entire story.  I also really liked the message in the story reminding us of how God can put people in our path for all types of reasons and when we least expect it.  This was a new to me author and I really liked her writing style.  I felt like the story flowed wonderfully and found it to be a nice light read, and very contemplative.  This was a heart-warming, inspiring and all around great story with outstanding writing.  I look forward to reading more from this author. I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend it.

Thank you Malissa Chapin for such an inspiring and wonderfully written story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author: Malissa Chapin
Publisher:  Ivory Keys Press, LLC 
Publication Date: January 26, 2022
Pages: 271 

Sometimes your past catches up with you. Sometimes you confront your past. 

When a life of tragedy leaves Audra March with a desperate desire for acceptance, she blurs the line between right and wrong. She runs from her tainted past and creates a new identity in a small Wisconsin town. 

When she discovers a vintage recipe box, her search for the owner takes Audra across the country and sets her on a collision course with the truth. With the help of an Appalachian preacher and the long-buried deception of an elderly woman, Audra learns the value of honesty and trust. For the first time, she finds hope for her future.

But when her carefully crafted identity is at risk, her resolve is tested. Will she run again? Or will she confront the consequences of her past? Can the truth set her free?


Malissa Chapin grew up reading books, making up stories, and vowing to publish a book before turning twelve. She's a few years late for her goal but still devours books and makes up stories.

Malissa loves creating with words, yarn, fabric, and watercolors. She enjoys sharing her faith, reading, collecting vintage treasures, drinking coffee, playing the piano, homeschooling our bonus baby, and looking on the bright side. She lives and sometimes freezes in Wisconsin with her family and a crazy cat.

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