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Berlin, 1943:  The war rages on throughout Europe. Margot is a German seamstress and her husband Jochen is a Jewish artist.  They are completely in love and all they have is each other.  They were evicted from their home many times but they vowed to never leave each other.  Soon Jochen is arrested by the SS along with so many others.  Once Margot discovers where Jochen is being held, she joins forces with other women in the same situation,  protesting outside the prison camp demanding the release of the men.  The protests continued all day and all night for what seemed like eternity.  The guards were becoming frustrated with the crowd, but the protesters are determined and are not going to give up.  When Margo risks her life to now protest outside of the Gestapo Headquarters everything changes for her.  But her love for her husband outweighs the risk of losing her own life.

Oh my goodness I almost don’t know where to begin explaining how phenomenal this story was.  This utterly gripping historical fiction is heartbreaking and completely impossible to put down.  I was totally captivated from the very first page to the last.  This book hits all the feels and I was so emotional, tearing up and brokenhearted with the turn of the pages.  Wow…what an absolute wonderfully written story with believable and relatable characters.  So many lives changed forever and the courage that people found within themselves to survive is so inspiring.  The unconditional love of a wife for her husband to risk everything she has for him is so inspirational.  The fact that this book is based on a true story makes it even more heart-wrenching.  I can’t recommend this incredible story enough, absolutely breathtaking.  Must read it now.

Thank you Ellie Midwood for such an amazing historical fiction novel.  I absolutely loved everything about this book.  I highly recommend it.



Rating: 5 out of

Author:  Ellie Midwood 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: August 23, 2022 
Pages: 273
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Berlin, 1943: “No matter what happens, no matter what they do to me, they will never stop me loving you,” he said, placing a kiss on my tear-stained cheek. Based on a true story, this heartbreaking World War Two page-turner shows that, in the face of evil, love is power, courage is infectious––and the voices of many will not be silenced.

“We’re not moving until you release our men!” 
Margot shouts, her heart racing. In the snow, the Berlin streets dusted with white, she shifts from foot to foot with the small crowd of wives by the iron gates. She has lived in terror that this moment would come: Nazis have arrested her beloved husband.

Margot, a German seamstress, and 
Jochen, a Jewish artist, were madly in love. But this became a forbidden act in Hitler’s Germany. The days of Jochen filling their sixth-floor apartment with roses to surprise her vanished. Their friends started crossing the street to avoid them. They lost their jobs. And then they found themselves scrabbling for breadcrumbs on the cold cobbles outside the home that was once their own.

Yet even as their world came crashing down, they had each other. Until now.

Now, Margot risks her life to protest outside Gestapo headquarters. As days pass, hundreds are gathered. They refuse to move, even when enemy planes cross the clouds and bombs fall to the ground. Yet defying the Nazis is a death sentence…

Will this evil war ever end? Will she and Jochen survive? What will it take for Margot to see the love of her life again?


Ellie Midwood is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author. She owes her interest in the history of the Second World War to her grandfather, Junior Sergeant in the 2nd Guards Tank Army of the First Belorussian Front, who began telling her about his experiences on the frontline when she was a young girl. Growing up, her interest in history only deepened and transformed from reading about the war to writing about it. After obtaining her BA in Linguistics, Ellie decided to make writing her full-time career and began working on her first full-length historical novel, “The Girl from Berlin.” Ellie is continuously enriching her library with new research material and feeds her passion for WWII and Holocaust history by collecting rare memorabilia and documents. 

In her free time, Ellie is a health-obsessed yoga enthusiast, neat freak, adventurer, Nazi Germany history expert, polyglot, philosopher, a proud Jew, and a doggie mama. Ellie lives in New York with her fiancé and their Chihuahua named Shark Bait.

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