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Elizabeth Holloway loves her life and she loves the hustle and bustle of New York City.  Especially at Christmas time when the snow is falling and all the beautiful Christmas parties at the Ritz as she loves to dance the Christmas Waltz.  But this Christmas is turning out to be so much different than she ever expected.  Instead of dancing the waltz, her boyfriend Richard of seven years breaks up with her, at the Ritz.  Elizabeth soon finds herself at home for the Holidays.  Mason’s Ridge, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.  She arrives at her childhood farmhouse and is helping her mother sort through her late Nan’s will.  She meets Paul Dawson and a friendship flourishes.  But while sorting through the will, Elizabeth discovers a stack of Christmas letters written by her grandmother.  Will the letters bring Paul and Elizabeth closer together or will they tear them apart forever?

Let the temperatures drop and the snow fly, because this little gift of a story is sure to warm you from the inside out. I loved this book so much.  THe relatable characters kept me flying through the pages.  This story launched me into the Christmas season and the detailed description of Mason’s Ridge in the Great Smoky Mountains, made me feel at home in Tennessee.  While reading, this heartwarming novel made me reminisce about the past and missing a love of writing letters.  This unputdownable and unforgettable read is one that will stay with me forever.  I can only hope that this one will become a movie.  I loved this book from beginning to end. Please don’t pass up an opportunity to read this one,  I highly recommend it.

Thank you Jenny Hale for such a phenomenal story.  I have read every book you have written and I would have to say this one is my absolute favorite.  Wow….I loved it!!!




Author:  Jenny Hale
Publisher:  Harpeth Road Press
Publication Date: October 11, 2022 
Pages: 264
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Elizabeth Holloway's sparkling world comes crashing down around her when her boyfriend of seven years drops the bomb that he’s leaving her—at Christmas. In an attempt to piece her life back together, she suddenly finds herself seven hundred miles from her New York City home, trudging through the snow, back at her childhood farm in the Great Smoky Mountains.

And she isn’t expecting to meet visitor 
Paul Dawson with his dazzlingly blue eyes and warm smile, chipping away at her resolve to focus on figuring out who she is and what she really wants in life.

Just when she starts to think things are moving in the right direction, a stack of letters from Elizabeth’s grandmother will change everything she thought she knew about her family and cause a divide between her and Paul that she never saw coming.

Under the glitter of Christmas trees and bundles of mistletoe, Elizabeth uncovers more than she’d ever imagined. Will the Christmas letters strip her of everything she holds dear? Or will they be the biggest gift of the season?


Jenny Hale is a USA Today, Amazon, and international bestselling author of romantic contemporary fiction. Her books have sold worldwide, have been translated into multiple languages, and adapted for television. Her novels Coming Home for Christmas and Movie Guide Epiphany Award winner Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses are Hallmark Channel original movies. She was included in Oprah Magazine’s “19 Dreamy Summer Romances to Whisk You Away” and both Southern Living’s “30 Christmas Novels to Start Reading Now” as well as “Beach Reads Perfect for Summer 2020.” Her stories are chock-full of feel-good romance and overflowing with warm settings, great friends, and family. Jenny is at work on her next novel, delighted to be bringing even more heartwarming stories to her readers. When she isn’t writing, or heading up her romantic fiction imprint Harpeth Road, she can be found running around her hometown of Nashville with her husband, two boys, and their labradoodle, taking pictures—her favorite pastime.

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