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Edwina needs a second chance, a new beginning.  After her last breakup she knows that she has to make a major change in her life.  She hears about a cottage that is for sale in the tiny village of Sandy Cove. She can’t help but feel as if it’s the new beginning and fresh start she longs for.  She uses all of her savings to buy the cottage, which is in need of a lot of fixing.  Edwina is walking along the white sandy beach and finds an old bottle that washed up on shore.  Inside there was a message that was written about twenty years ago.  She reads the heartbreaking story in the bottle and makes it her new ambition to find the person who wrote the letter.

I thoroughly enjoyed the continuation of this amazing series.  It was nice to reconnect with the people of Sandy Cove.  I love the escape to the Irish coast and returning to the quaint little village.  I felt like I was back with family and friends.  This heartwarming story of redemption and romance in Sandy Cove was absolutely delightful.  I loved reuniting with the characters from the previous books in the series.  The author did a fantastic job of tying up the ending just beautifully.  This book was captivating from the beginning and had the perfect amount of romance and humor.  I love second chance stories and this one did not disappoint.  I highly recommend this charming read.

Thank you Susanne O’Leary for such a wonderful, brilliant  and completely delightful story.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author: Susanne O’Leary 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: October 20, 2022 
Pages: 284
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A totally captivating story about long-lost family secrets and new beginnings, that will whisk you away to the village of Sandy Cove on the gorgeous Irish coast.

Heartbroken and feeling lost after the end of her last relationship, 
Edwina is looking for a fresh start. And when she hears that a coastguard cottage in the tiny village of Sandy Cove is for sale, she knows it could be her chance. She remembers the village from her childhood with its beautiful sandy white beaches, and wonders if using her life savings to buy the cottage might give her a new beginning in the Irish town beside the sea.

Not long after she arrives, Edwina discovers a message in a bottle during one of her walks along the coast. Written twenty years ago and washed ashore at Wild Rose Bay, it tells the story of a desperate young man, driven to despair after a terrible accident that left him separated from his true love. Touched by his heartbreaking letter, and haunted by its contents, Edwina resolves to find the person who wrote it.

As she begins her search, Edwina meets 
Shane O’Flaherty, a charming local doctor with green eyes, with whom she feels an instant connection. As the pair walk the cobbled streets of the village together, Edwina’s feelings grow stronger, and she begins to wonder whether Sandy Cove might be the place she can finally call home…

But when she uncovers the identity of the person who wrote the letter all those years ago, everything Edwina thought she knew about Shane changes in an instant. 
Has she unearthed a secret that should never have come to light? And will it force her to leave the place where she thought she had finally found happiness?


Susanne O’Leary is the bestselling author of more than twenty novels, mainly in the romantic fiction genre. She has also written three crime novels and two in the historical fiction genre. She has been the wife of a diplomat (still is), a fitness teacher and a translator. She now writes full-time from either of two locations, a ramshackle house in County Tipperary, Ireland or a little cottage overlooking the Atlantic in Dingle, County Kerry. When she is not scaling the mountains of said counties, or keeping fit in the local gym, she keeps writing, producing a book every six months.

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