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Hamburg, 1942 Anna is seventeen years old and is hiding her pregnancy from her parents.  The father of her unborn child is dead and Anna is putting her baby up for adoption.  She has convinced herself that it’s the best thing to do for her baby, herself and her family.  But when her son is taken from her immediately after he is born, she is devastated.  Now Anna is living in London, she is ninety years old and she has held the secret of her past for her entire life.  She is ready to free herself from the pain of her decisions, but will her truth set her free or continue to consume her until her last breath?

This heartbreaking story was so emotional.  I was completely taken back by the unexpected storyline.  World War II, like every other war, forced people into decisions that scared them for their entire life.  So much brokenness and lost lives, not just the physical loss of life, but the emotional loss that people experienced.  This gripping story of loss and redemption was one that will hold your attention to the very end.  The descriptive storyline will make you feel as if you are right there among the characters.  My heart goes out to Anna and the tough decisions she was forced to make, all alone and at such a young age.  This well written story was a rapid read that I highly recommend.

Thank you Suzanne Goldring for such a wonderful and moving story.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I definitely recommend it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.




Author:  Suzanne Goldring 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: October 18, 2022 
Pages: 370 
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I always knew it would come out one day. They are finding everyone who has stayed hidden. They would have come to me in the end.

Hamburg, 1942 Seventeen-year-old Anna knows she can never tell her proud parents the truth about where she is going. She must hide the fact that she is pregnant, that the father of her unborn child is dead and that she is on her way to a special maternity home, where her baby will be given to a perfect family. She tells herself that this is the best solution. She doesn’t expect to feel the rush of love for her beautiful baby boy in the white blanket, or the devastation when he is snatched from her, never to be seen again.

Desperate to forget her grief, she sees an advert for a secretary in a prison, far away in the east. Days later, she leaves Hamburg, travelling eastwards by train, feeling as if a whole new life is about to begin. It is the biggest mistake she will ever make.

London, 2016 Ninety-year-old Anna sits on the edge of her bed, hands trembling, eyes brimming with tears, as she looks at the picture of the soldier in the newspaper. Her friends and neighbours know her as a kindly old lady who bakes cakes and always has time to listen to their troubles. They don’t know about the hated green uniform she burned, the memories of the prisoners she tried to help and the bombed and blackened city she once called home. But now the time for a reckoning has come, will revealing the truth free Anna or destroy her?


Following an eventful career as a public relations consultant, specialising in business and travel, Suzanne Goldring turned to writing the kind of novels she likes to read, about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. Whether she is working in her thatched cottage in Hampshire or her seaside home in North Cornwall, Suzanne finds inspiration in the secrets hidden by everyday life.

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