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Jessie is trying to heal her broken heart and she is in dire need of a change of scenery.  So, when her grandfather invites her to go to Indigo Cove with him, she knows it is exactly the change she needs.  Jessie loved Indigo Cove when she was younger and would visit her grandparents there.  Jessie’s grandfather wants her to take pictures of the local area as reminders of what her grandmother loved about the Cove.  Jessie does exactly what he asks.  While spending time in the Cove, she runs into Ashton who was Jessie’s first kiss.  Jessie continues to take photos for her grandfather and meets some people that have a Puzzle Club at the local café.  She makes some amazing and lifelong friendships.  The more time she spends with Ashton the romance between them blossoms.  Will this trip to Indigo Cove be just a visit or has she found love and happiness once again?

Summer at the Cornish Beach Café by Donna Ashcroft was a perfect beach read.  The escape to Indigo Cove was warm and idyllic.  The vivid description of the Cornish Cove had me feeling like I was actually there.  Stopping in the Beach Café for a latte and waiting for my new friends to arrive.  I was so taken by this lovely tale of family, new found friends, romance and second chances.  Once I opened the book and began reading I didn’t want to stop until I got to the end. I loved the characters so much that I felt like they were people I would want to hang out with.  What a wonderful summer story.  I loved it from beginning to end and I know you will too.  Don’t wait another moment, read this one now.  I will recommend this one over and over again. Absolutely fabulous.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Author:  Donna Ashcroft
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: May 12, 2023 
Pages: 279 
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Step into the Cornish Beach Café, where you’ll find stunning views of the sea, plenty of cream cakes and a warm welcome from the quirky locals. But will this special place help to heal Jessie’s broken heart this summer? 

Thirty-year-old Jessie is heartbroken after being dumped just before reaching the altar. So she escapes to her favourite place in the world, the little Cornish Beach café in Indigo Cove. There she plans to spend her summer indulging in home-made lemonade and freshly made brownies. Except, on her first night, fate has other ideas and Jessie bumps into tall and brooding Ashton, the first guy she ever kissed…

Determined to protect her fragile emotions, Jessie swears not to get distracted by Ashton’s sea-glass eyes or the way being near him makes her heart hammer against her chest. Instead, she spends time with her beloved grandfather George, helping him to prepare for the café’s puzzle championships.

In the small community, she keeps crossing paths with handsome Ashton, who’s now a wealthy and successful businessman. They end up sharing sunny afternoons together, which turn into long evenings walking along the beach. As the temperature soars between them, Jessie’s heart begins to melt as she discovers the generous personality behind Ashton’s reserved exterior.

But when she discovers a secret from Ashton’s past, Jessie is left shaken. How much does she really know about him, and can she take a leap of faith and trust Ashton when he asks her to?

Will Jessie’s summer at the beach café in Indigo Cove be the biggest mistake of her life or will it turn out to be the fresh start she needs?


I spent years working in publishing and as a freelance copywriter before turning my hand to writing romance novels. It took a few more years until I got the story right, and I was helped along by the help of the fantastic Romantic Novelists Association and their New Writer’s Scheme. I was awarded the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2017, along with my fellow author Erin Green. After this I met Natasha Harding from Bookouture who offered to mentor me through the WoMentoring Project – and this lead to my first publishing contract. I’m working on my sixth book now. When I’m not lost in my latest novel, I work for an online retailer where I buy natural beauty and cleaning products (and indulge my other great passion – moisturiser). Originally from Buckinghamshire, I lived in Lancashire and London before settling in Hertfordshire. Here I live with my own romantic hero Chris, two fantastic teenagers, along with a couple of very grumpy cats.

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