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The year is now 1963 and Hanni and Freddy have experienced so much loss resulting from the war.  Their relationship has suffered and they are in the midst of a divorce.  Hanni and Freddy discover that their twelve year old son Leo, and has been in touch with his grandfather Reinier. Leo begins to agree with the beliefs of his grandfather and ventures out on his own to meet his grandfather.  Hanni is shocked and very upset and puts her life on hold to rescue her son Leo from the dangerous grasp her father has on him.  Even in the midst of their separation, Hanni and Freddy come together  to save their son.  Hanni fears that her father will harm her son just like her sister.  At the same time Hanni continues to do everything she can to expose the horrible things her father has done.  

Her Last Promise written by author Catherine Hokin is the fourth book in the Hanni Winters Series.  This book was an amazing addition to such a phenomenal series.  I enjoyed this story so much and I cheered Hanni on to the very last page.  My heart was broken for her and the struggles she endured while I was amazed at her courage and unwavering love for her family.  My suggestion is to read the series from book one and follow Hanni’s footsteps all the way through her life.  This is definitely a favorite series for me, and one that I will recommend over and over again, I loved it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Catherine Hokin

Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: May 30, 2023 
Pages: 360
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‘Too many have suffered at my father’s hands. I won’t let it continue. I’ll stop him, I’ll build a world where we can finally be free, I swear it…’

Berlin, 1938.When Hanni’s beloved sister suddenly vanishes in the middle of the night, Hanni knows her high-ranking Nazi father, Reiner, is not telling her the whole truth and may hold the key to her disappearance.

Years later, after finally learning how to live with her troubled past, Hanni dedicates herself to raising her teenage son, 
Leo, but her sister is never far from her mind. But when Leo begins to share Reiner’s pro-Nazi views and runs away from home to meet his grandfather, Hanni’s world collapses in an instant. She is determined not to lose her son to her father’s cruelty, like she lost her darling sister all those years ago…

Hanni has tried to stop her father before and nearly lost her life. Now she is fighting for Leo too and the stakes are higher than ever. She can’t lose him to the Nazis. She won’t let her father take her son away from her. Hanni knows this is her last chance to bring her father to justice. With her son’s life hanging in the balance, Hanni knows this will be her toughest battle yet. But with Reiner’s popularity stronger than ever, will she succeed?


Catherine Hokin is the author of two World War Two inspired novels set in Berlin, her favourite city. Following a History degree at Manchester University she worked in teaching, marketing and politics, while waiting for a chance to do what she really wanted which was to write full time. Her short stories have been published by iScot, Writers Forum and Myslexia magazines and she was the winner of the 2019 Fiction 500 Short Story Competition. She is a lover of strong female leads and a quest.
Catherine now lives in Glasgow with her American husband. She has two grown-up children – one of whom lives, very conveniently, in Berlin – and a life long addiction to very loud music. 

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