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Francesca arrives at the beautiful Italian island of Santa Caterina.  The secluded island is owned by Thiago who is a book collector. As Francesca and Thiago soon discover, the books were hidden during World War II by a bookseller's daughter named Helèna.  She sacrificed everything to keep the books from being taken and destroyed by the Nazis.  One of the books they have in their possession is Helèna’s diary.  It is their road map to finding and locating the books, and the more time Thiago and Francesca spend together the closer they become.  As they read through the pages of the diary, the resilience and they are finding out about Helèna and the things she experienced during such a horrible time in history.  And as the diary comes to an end, both Francesca and Thiago lives are completely impacted and will never be the same.  

The Bookseller’s Daughter written by author Daniela Sacerdoti was a heart-breaking, unputdownable story of resilience, strength and endurance, was amazing.  I love that this story was a time-slip novel, as those are a favorite of mine.  I love books that bridge the past and the present.  The detailed description of the beautiful Italian island of Santa Caterina, was mesmerizing.  I could see the beautiful tranquil water and the blue sky above, as I sat on the shore.  I was completely connected to Francesca, Thiago and of course Helèna.  Her story was incredible as I flipped through the pages of her diary.  I loved everything about this story from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it.  An absolutely must read. 


Rating: 4.5 out of 4.
Author: Daniela Sacerdoti 
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: June 27, 2023
Pages: 283 
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‘As the soldiers arrived on our sandy beaches, a brave young girl hid beautiful leather-bound books. She risked her life to protect the secrets of this island and save the man she loved. I want you to find the books, dear Francesca. Her diary holds the first clue, take it, and uncover her incredible story…’

As golden sunlight shimmers across the crystal-clear water, 
Francesca arrives on the tranquil Italian island of Santa Caterina in search of precious rare books. She quickly discovers she was invited by the island’s mysterious owner, alongside handsome local book collector Thiago, to unlock a secret spanning generations. Together, they learn the books were hidden during the Second World War by Helèna, the daughter of a bookseller, who sacrificed everything to save the island’s treasures from the Nazis.

With only Helèna’s diary to guide them, Francesca finds herself growing closer to Thiago, with his deep blue eyes and sun-kissed curls. As they curl up under the stars, piecing together clues in the gentle, rose-scented breeze and retracing Helèna’s steps on the quaint cobbled streets, Francesca begins to wonder if she can finally open her heart to a new beginning...

But when an unbelievable act of courage and a heart-breaking secret in the final pages of the diary shatters everything she and Thiago thought they knew about Helèna, Francesca realises the remarkable wartime story of love and sacrifice has the power to change both of their lives forever.


Daniela Sacerdoti is the author of the bestselling Glen Avich series which has sold over one million copies in ebook to date, Sacerdoti’s debut novel Watch Over Me was named the eighth bestselling Kindle book of all time in 2015, when she was also ranked as the eleventh top-selling Kindle author. She lives in a small village in the middle of nowhere, with her Scottish husband, two children, a Cocker spaniel and a foundling kitten (who was definitely a witch in a past life).

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