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Berlin, 1933: Leah and Magda are the best of friends and have spent almost their entire lives together.  Nothing could separate them except when Magda tells Leah she is joining the ranks of Hitler’s regime.  Leah can’t believe that Magda would do that, and she pleads and begs Magda not to.  Leah knows that Magda’s choice will be the end of their friendship and makes Leah’s life extremely dangerous.  Markus, Magda’s brother, is furious with his sister’s decision to join the ranks and he vows to do everything possible to keep Leah safe no matter what the cost.  When Leah’s house is raided by the Gestapo, her brother Aaron is sent to a concentration camp and her parents go into hiding.  Markus knows the only way to keep his promise to Leah is to join the resistance.  He will protect Leah every second that he can, no matter what he must sacrifice.

The Children of Berlin written by author Sharon Maas was a phenomenal story of strength, resilience and hope.  I almost don’t know where to begin writing my review as this story left me speechless.  I loved everything about this heartbreaking and powerfully intense book.  This unputdownable read had me reaching for the tissue box over and over. This heart wrenching story is definitely a favorite of mine and I know for certain that it will be one I will remember for a while.   If you are a historical fiction fan, this is one that needs to be at the very top of your 'to be read pile’.  I highly recommend this ten star read.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
Author:  Sharon Maas 
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: June 22, 2023 
Pages: 430 
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‘I will never forgive you! You had a choice. You could have listened to your mother, your brother, your father, but you chose to listen to those monsters. And that choice remains with you. Forever.’

Berlin, 1933. Leah and Magda have been inseparable for as long as they can remember, and one beautiful summer’s day in their courtyard, they vow nothing will ever come between their friendship. But Leah could never have predicted the darkness looming just around the corner…

As Hitler comes to power and the Nazi Party gain even more influence, Magda proudly tells Leah she has decided to join the Hitler Youth. Leah’s blood runs cold before she begs Magda to change her mind – because Leah is Jewish. Magda refuses, and heartbroken Leah knows this will not only destroy their friendship, but put her life in mortal danger. Suddenly, the only light in her life is Magda’s brother 
Markus, who is furious at his sister and vows to do everything he can to keep Leah safe.

As Magda becomes more entrenched in the Nazi Party, Leah’s life starts to shatter as the Gestapo raid her home, sending her beloved brother 
Aaron to a concentration camp. Devastated, Leah and her parents are forced to flee and hide. Desperate to save Leah, Markus decides the only way he can help stop the Nazis and his sister is to infiltrate the party as an undercover resistance fighter. But will Magda see through his lie, and how far will she go to prove her loyalty to her Führer?


Sharon Maas was born into a prominent political family in Georgetown, Guyana, in 1951. She was educated in England, Guyana, and, later, Germany. After leaving school, she worked as a trainee reporter with the Guyana Graphic in Georgetown and later wrote feature articles for the Sunday Chronicle as a staff journalist.

Her first novel, Of Marriageable Age, is set in Guyana and India and was published by HarperCollins in 1999. In 2014 she moved to Bookouture, and now has ten novels under her belt. Her books span continents, cultures, and eras. From the sugar plantations of colonial British Guiana in South America, to the French battlefields of World War Two, to the present-day brothels of Mumbai and the rice-fields and villages of South India, Sharon never runs out of stories for the armchair traveller.


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