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Anna Golding lost her mother when she died giving birth to Anna, so surviving on her own is something she has done all her life.  With World War II looming Anna decides to join the Women’s Air Force.  She loves her country, wants to make a difference and defend those who can’t defend themselves.  When she meets Jimmy Armstrong, a pilot, it’s love at first sight for them both.  They spend every possible moment together, but the demand of their jobs continues to send them in opposite directions.  As the bombs continue to fall from the sky, Anna fears for not just her survival but the survival of her beloved country.  And will she and Jimmy live happily ever after or will the war take its toll on their love for each other?

Please Come Home written by author Elaine Johns was an amazing yet heartbreaking, historical fiction.  This  author immediately pulled me into the story.  As I was flying through the pages, unable to stop reading, I wept over and over for Anna and her story.  I was heartbroken and encouraged as well as inspired as I read through this unputdownable tale.  This heart-warming story is one that will stay with me for a while and is one I definitely recommend.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Elaine Johns 
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: September 11, 2022 
Pages: 373 
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Cornwall, England, 1940. Anna can barely speak as she clutches the letter tight. She wishes her beloved Jimmy was here, to hold her in his strong arms and tell her everything will be alright. But he’s not – so Anna must figure out a way to save him, and her country on her own.

Alone since her first breath when her beautiful mother died in childbirth, 
Anna Golding has only ever had herself to rely on. But she’s always loved her country. So, on the eve of warshe joins the Women’s Air Force. Her fellow trainees are like the sisters she never had. But, as they all talk of fond memories of home, Anna’s heart breaks. Her past is too painful to share…

Until Anna meets 
Pilot Jimmy Armstrong. She could lose herself in his deep green eyes. He makes Anna feel properly alive for the first time, and they snatch every moment together even as their duties pull them apart. They don’t have a moment to waste.

But with the bombs of the Blitz making every day dangerous, Anna receives harrowing news from the Royal Air Force that changes everything. With her heart breaking, Anna knows she must do all she can to help her country. 
But even if she helps win the war, can she save her beloved Jimmy? Or will she lose the only person she’s ever loved? 


Elaine Johns inherited her love of fiction from her Irish mother and a passion for writing was the happy result. She was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, came to London to attend the Italia Conti Performing Arts Academy, and made records with her twin brother in their teens that scraped their way into the charts. After an initial career as a jazz singer and flautist in big bands, she was a print and television journalist in Bahrain, editing and presenting the News in English at Bahrain Television. She is now freelance, writing mostly short stories for UK women’s magazines from her home in Cornwall and, before retiring, used to lecture part time at Truro College. She has written several contemporary women’s fiction novels, including Ice Cream for Breakfast and Lemonade and Lies. Her favourite genre is historical women’s fiction, and she particularly enjoys writing in the 1940s and 50s.

She is now well and truly transplanted to Cornwall and enjoys life with her long-time partner (her hero and rock), a jazz musician and artist. Elaine has two grown-up sons, and loves Zumba, music, walking with her friends, and getting the most out of life, whatever it throws at her!

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