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Katie’s partner, Harry suddenly dies and in his pocket…a diamond engagement ring.  But when Katie discovers that Harry left her a house in Ireland, she also learns the same house was also left to his ex-wife Maggie.  Katie never imagined leaving New York for life by the beautiful Irish Sea.  When she arrives she finds her new inheritance to be dilapidated, in need of much repair inside and out, and she is not the only resident.  Maggie is also there and she is surprised at her new inheritance.  Dan, a local gardener and a group of his friends, begin to restore the house into a beautiful home.  Katie and Dan enjoy spending time together and their friendship changes as she is ready to love again.  But when a letter arrives that reveals the truth about Harry’s past, Katie is faced with a heartbreaking decision: does she stay in Ireland or is it time for her to return to New York once and for all?

Secrets of an Irish House written by author Ann O’Loughlin, is an enjoyable read that swept me away to the Irish coast.  The wonderful sea breeze and the sound of the waves was a great escape.   I liked the plot twists and turns and the secrets of Harry’s past was a great storyline.  This is a wonderful story with likable characters and a story I recommend.



Author:  Ann O’Loughlin
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: September 5, 2023 
Pages: 384 
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Pushing her key into the gate lock, Katie looks up nervously at the grand tree-lined entrance sweeping up to Kilcashel House. This was not her home by choice, but if she was ever to move on from her past and uncover the truth about her beloved Harry, she would make it her home…

Perched on the edge of the roaring Irish Sea, Kilcashel House was somewhere New Yorker 
Katie never imagined she would live. But when her partner Harry dies suddenly with a diamond engagement ring in his top pocket, Katie is shocked to learn that he has left a house in Ireland to her. But that is not the only secret Harry was keeping. Katie soon learns that Harry also left the house to his ex-wife Maggie.

The two women could not be more different but are left with no choice but to go to Ireland together to try and uncover Harry’s past. But arriving at Kilcashel, they are met with unpaid bills and a huge list of repairs. As they walk through the house, they start to encounter little signs of the life Harry was building here – a new kitchen, clearly for Katie, a beloved horse for Maggie. Bit by bit they uncover a new side to the man they both loved.

With the help of handsome local gardener 
Dan and a band of friendly locals, together they turn the crumbling house into a stunning home full of life once again. Soon Katie realises that it is more than just the house that has stolen her heart. Could this be where she finally realises her lifelong dream of starting a bakery? And as she gets closer to Dan, might she be able to open her heart once more after such a tragic loss?

But when a letter arrives revealing the truth about Harry’s past and an unexpected tragedy strikes the house, will Katie want to realise her Irish dream or be forced home for good?


Ann is the Irish author of five novels and has been translated into eleven languages. Her first novel 
The Ballroom Cafe was also an ebook bestseller and in the top 20 bestselling books of 2015 on Amazon UK. Ann loves to write and often gets up at 5am to get the words down, before starting her other job of writing as a news reporter. A leading journalist in Ireland, Ann has covered all major news events in a long career with Independent Newspapers, Ireland. She is now a senior journalist with the Irish Examiner specializing in legal issues. Ann has also lived in India. Originally from the west of Ireland she now lives on the east coast with her husband and family.

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