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Germany 1945, Katja is a spy, risking her life for those around her.  She delivers letters in the dead of night as that is the safest time to travel.  This particular night she is on edge after almost being captured earlier that day.  She wonders if she were to get caught, what would happen to her baby?  London, present day, Jo is clearing out her mother Katja's home when she discovers a diary hidden in the back of a kitchen cupboard.  She begins to read through the pages of the old diary, and soon realizes that it belonged to her father.  He was a Prisoner of War during World War II and he kept a diary, writing down everything he could about the war, the people around him and the people he left behind.  As Jo flips through the pages, she has so many questions and finally some answers.  This story is a gripping tale of wartime bravery, the horrible way people were treated, and the choices that were made that affected so many families for years to come.  

The Lost Diary written by author Rose Alexander, is a wonderful time slip story.  It takes the reader from war torn Berlin in 1945 to London 1994.  This story is one that will stay with you for a while after you finish the book.  It is based on a true story which makes it even more heartbreaking.  The tears flowed over and over again so keep the Kleenex Box close by.  This was a wonderfully written story that reminds you that the truth will always prevail.  I loved this story and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 4 out of 4.


Author:  Rose Alexander
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: August 31, 2023
Pages: 420 
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A wartime secret. A heartbreaking choice. A promise that cost her everything… 

German-occupied territory, 1945. Tearing open the envelope, Katja studies every line and letter on the map. She wills herself to memorise it, copying every detail onto scraps of paper in the flickering candlelight. She’d nearly been caught delivering the letters by the SS that afternoon. Picturing Karl’s handsome face, her chest tightens. They’re in this together. But if she’s caught, what will happen to the baby? 

London, present day. Jo is at a crossroads in her own life in her cosy bungalow on the edge of beautiful Hampstead Heath. Clearing out her mother, Katja’s, empty home, Jo’s world is turned upside down when she discovers a small, dog-eared diary stuffed into the back of a tiny kitchen cupboard. And tucked within its pages is a ripped, yellowed envelope with an unfamiliar, faded postmark. As she scans the scrawled handwriting, Jo can scarcely believe her eyes…

What really happened to that tiny baby all those years ago? And will this long-lost diary finally give Jo the answers to everything she’s been searching for?


Rose Alexander has had more careers than she cares to mention and is currently a secondary school English teacher. She writes in the holidays, weekends and evenings, whenever she has a chance, although with three children, a husband, a lodger and a cat, this isn't always as often as she'd like. She's a keen sewist and is on a mission to make all her own clothes.

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