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Emma Wilson’s life has completely fallen apart.  Will she ever recover and get back on track?  She leaves England for a fresh start to a small quaint village in Ireland.  She takes a job working for Judith McCarthy in her most exquisite manor.  Judith is seventy five and a well known fashionista.  Emma meets Miles, Judith’s son, and they immediately clash with each other.  They seem to argue about everything under the sun.  But Emma see’s through his tough exterior and see’s the hardworking man that he is.  He will do anything to help his family.  

This wonderful story of family, friendship, and new beginnings was a fantastic story.  I enjoyed the characters very much and Emma’s story broke my heart.  I reached for the Kleenex many times.  I loved Judith’s stories and Miles was just as delightful.  This heartbreaking story was also heartwarming and filled with hope from a fresh start and second chance.  This one sitting, rapid read with its intriguing plot will have you coming back for more.  Author Ann O’Loughlin pens wonderful, charming reads, located in quaint and beautiful places.  If you want to escape to Ireland, this is the story for you.  I highly recommend this wonderful book.



Author:  Ann O’Loughlin
Publisher:  Bookouture
Publication Date: April 18, 2024
Pages: 386 
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Can she finally find the home she’s always wanted?

Emma Wilson is running from a broken marriage after her life has been torn apart, and she’s desperate to start over. Escaping to a small Irish village, Emma begins working for seventy-five-year-old fashion enthusiast Judith McCarthy in her beautiful manor house at the heart of the tight-knit community. The quirky locals give Emma a warm welcome and, inspired by Judith’s passion for life, Emma hopes she can rebuild her life in this village by the sea.

As Emma and Judith’s lives intertwine, Emma meets Judith’s brooding son 
. At first, the two argue over everything, clashing over decisions about the estate and how to support Judith. But when Emma begins to see a different side to Miles – a hardworking man who will do anything for his family – she can’t deny the attraction between them. But can she open her heart and love again?

Soon Emma realises that Judith’s bold spirit is hiding deeper troubles. The village that means so much to them both is in danger of being destroyed, and protecting their home will be the biggest challenge of Judith’s life. It seems the two women have been thrown together when they need each other most…


Ann is the Irish author of five novels and has been translated into eleven languages. Her first novel 
The Ballroom Cafe was also an ebook bestseller and in the top 20 bestselling books of 2015 on Amazon UK. Ann loves to write and often gets up at 5am to get the words down, before starting her other job of writing as a news reporter. A leading journalist in Ireland, Ann has covered all major news events in a long career with Independent Newspapers, Ireland. She is now a senior journalist with the Irish Examiner specializing in legal issues. Ann has also lived in India. Originally from the west of Ireland she now lives on the east coast with her husband and family.

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