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World War II rages on across Europe and the Nazis have their sights set on occupying Poland. Adela Rubenstein works in a munition’s factory at Auschwitz, the year is 1943. She hears about an underground network that has formed.  Without a second thought she joins the resistance.  The women are only allowed to smuggle small amounts of gunpowder at a time.  They hide gunpowder in their dresses and every night they wonder if they will get caught. She reminisces about home, her memories of her family are the only things that keep her going.  She misses her brother Azriel and her best friend Izabel. She holds on to the hope that they are still alive. As the war rages on and the Poland is about to be invaded by the Nazis. Adela comes face to face with her brother.  She is elated that she has found him and will never let him go.  He becomes part of the resistance and joins the cause to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves.

Wow, this heart wrenching story is one that I couldn’t put down.  I cheered for Adela, Azriel, and Izabel and found my heart racing, with tears flowing down my face at the turn of each page.  This story was hard to read, knowing that many of the events actually happened. This heartbreaking story is full of love, loss and the bonds of friendship and family, with indescribable hope, and joy.  I was so inspired by the bravery of each character and what they were willing to sacrifice for people they didn’t know.  Siobhan Curham pens an unbelievable, phenomenal story that will definitely be a best read story of 2024.  I highly recommend this ten star read.  



Author:  Siobhan Curham
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: April 26, 2024
Pages: 465 
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Auschwitz, 1943. Adela stuffs small cloth pouches containing the stolen gunpowder into the folds of her dress. As she joins the column of exhausted women heading back to the barracks, the guard shouts ‘Inspection!’ and her blood turns to ice… 

Working in the camp’s munitions factory, 
Adela Rubenstein discovers the underground network fighting against the devastating cruelty all around them. Imprisoned for teaching Jewish orphans in secret for the resistance, she doesn’t hesitate to join the rebellion. Every night on the way back to her hut, she looks up at the stars, the only witness to their plan to blow up the crematoria buildings.

The women can only smuggle a teaspoonful of the gunpowder at a time. But Adela knows from her time in the Warsaw ghetto what incredible feats can be achieved with courage and patience. Thinking of home reminds her of her darling brother, 
Azriel, and Izabel, who was like a sister to her. She has no idea what happened to them when she was caught, if they are even still alive. But she must keep doing whatever she can to resist. She has to make them proud.

As the day of the attack draws near, Adela is utterly stunned when she comes face to face with her beloved brother. Pale and hunched, but alive. Her heart soars as she hugs him tightly. Maybe it’s a sign, and there is hope for them after all. But not if he is working in the very building they will soon destroy…


Siobhan Curham is an award-winning author, ghost writer, editor and writing coach. She has also written for many newspapers, magazines and websites, including The Guardian, Breathe magazine, Cosmopolitan, Writers’ Forum,, and Spirit & Destiny. Siobhan has been a guest on various radio and TV shows, including Woman’s Hour, BBC News, GMTV and BBC Breakfast. And she has spoken at businesses, schools, universities and literary festivals around the world, including the BBC, Hay Festival, Cheltenham Festival, Bath Festival, Ilkley Festival, London Book Fair and Sharjah Reading Festival.

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