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Paris, 1944: Juliette is a secret agent and is assigned the most dangerous mission she has ever had.  Her children have been kidnapped and she will do anything and everything to get them back…no matter what it is.  She is forced to work with an American agent, Captain Daniel Diaz.  They are assigned to uncover a deadly Nazi plot.  Although Daniel and Juliette started off on the wrong foot, the more time they spend together, the more their feelings for each other change.  When Juliette receives a ransom note, she must make a life changing decision, betray her country or save her children.

This amazing book is a phenomenal addition to the WW2 Resistance Series.  This is an incredible story of a mother’s unconditional love for her children, and a love for her country at a time when the world was falling apart.  I loved every minute I spent in the pages of this captivating book.  I couldn’t put down this heart-pounding read.  What an amazing escape to France and I literally went back in time.  This was a very thought provoking book, as I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do in the same situation.  It made me contemplate life well after I flipped the last page.  I was so engaged in the storyline, and invested in the characters, that I didn’t want the book to end.  This is book two of an incredible series, but can be read as a stand-alone novel, however, I suggest you read book one as well because it is every bit as good as this one.  I highly recommend this book.

Thank you Amanda Lees for a wonderful continuation to the World War 2 Resistance Series.  I loved it and highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Amanda Lees 
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: November 23, 2022 
Pages: 353 
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Paris, 1944secret agent Juliette is on her most dangerous mission of the war so far. But then her children are kidnapped, and to get them back she may have to commit the ultimate betrayal – that of France itself… 

Four years ago, when France fell to the Nazis, 
Juliette made the ultimate sacrifice, leaving behind her two precious children to join the Resistance and defend her country. Now a spy in Paris, she must work with Captain Daniel Diaz – an American agent she’s taken an instant dislike to – on a dangerous mission to uncover a deadly Nazi plot.

As the pair play their parts, Juliette begins to see another side to Daniel, and their feelings for each other start to grow. But just as love blossoms, Juliette receives a ransom note that changes everything. Someone in Paris knows who she is. And they’ve kidnapped her little son and daughter. The message is clear: 
betray your country, or you’ll never see your children alive again.

Juliette has sworn a sacred oath to save France at all costs, but she could never sacrifice her children. So, against all the odds, she decides to attempt the impossible: rescue her children 
and continue her dangerous work fighting the Nazi threat.

But as the mission forces Juliette and Daniel to the very brink, will they succeed on all fronts? And if not, will France pay the ultimate price, or will Juliette?


She is the author of the bestselling satirical novels Selling Out and Secret Admirer (published by Pan) which have both received critical acclaim and have been translated into several languages. Her major YA thriller trilogy, Kumari, Goddess of Gotham, was written as a tribute to her mum, who died a couple of months before Amanda got the idea for a series which would reflect her own exotic childhood. Kumari was nominated for the Guardian Children’s Book Prize and the Doncaster Book Award. It featured as Redhouse Book Of The Month and Lovereading4kids Book Of The Month.

A broadcaster as well as an actress and novelist, Amanda appears regularly on BBC radio and LBC and was a contracted writer to the hit series Weekending on Radio 4. She researched and edited the leading directory for banks, The Banker’s Almanac, for Euromoney publications while also covering stories of shady dealings in the City for them. She has written for, or contributed to, The Evening Standard, The Times, New Woman, US Cosmopolitan, Bulgaria's Vagabond and Company Magazine as well as numerous online publications and has two non-fiction books published under a pen name. Amanda has conducted a love coaching phone-in from the sofa of Richard & Judy and wooed the viewers on Channel 5 Live. She won an award at the Hungarian Gyor Film Festival for a short film she produced, a psychological thriller called Pros and Cons. Her book, From Aconite to the Zodiac Killer: The Dictionary of Crime, was published by Robinson/Little Brown in July 2020 to excellent reviews. It was published in the US by Ulysses Press in May 2021. She has just completed the first in a romantic thriller series set at the end of WW2. 

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