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England, 1766:  Abigail and James are happily married and are ready to settle down and start a family together.  James was a tobacco trader turned sea captain.  Their plans rapidly change after a series of unexpected events.  James tells Abigail that he is going to captain a ship to Africa and then to the Americas.  He will be gone for a year.  Before James leaves he leaves a young slave girl with Abigail.  Present day: A shipwreck is discovered off the Cumbria coast.  Rachel is brought in to investigate.  She welcomes the distraction from her unhappy marriage.  It doesn’t take Rachel long to determine that the ship was a slave ship that sank in the Caribbean in the mid 1700’s.  The mystery of the ship soon has Rachel discovering the untold story of Abigail’s life.

This is the fourth and final installment in the amazing series of Goswell Quartet.  I enjoyed this story and really liked how the author tied all four books together.  There were so many parallels that worked well together.  This was a difficult storyline to read but was still a very emotional and an inspiring story.  I  found this book to be intriguing and portrayed hope in a most difficult time in history.   I enjoyed this wonderful addition to this series.  I definitely recommend this emotional story that can be read as part of the series or a stand-alone.

Thank you Kate Hewitt for such a wonderful conclusion to this amazing series, I loved it.


Rat ing: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Kate Hewitt
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: November 17, 2022 
Pages: 403 
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She looked down at the sweet little girl and knew she wouldn’t listen to what anyone else said. She had to do what was right. Even if it meant going against everything she was taught to believe and keeping a secret from the person closest to her…

England, 1766: Abigail is happily married to James, a tobacco trader turned sea captain, and is looking forward to starting a family and settling down in Whitehaven, deep in the Lake DistrictBut after a series of devastating losses, she finds herself in turmoil, with her future suddenly seeming unknown…

When James announces that he will captain a ship to Africa and then the Americas for a year, it sparks a series of surprising and heartbreaking events – involving some of the darkest evils in humanity’s history, and a tiny, terrified slave girl who’s brought back to England. This helpless child forces Abigail to reconsider everything she thought she knew – and will change her life forever…

Now: When a shipwreck is discovered off the coast of Cumbria, local expert Rachel is brought in to investigate. Her first thought is that this will be a perfect distraction from her troubled marriage and the memories of her past that she is desperate not to think about. But then it becomes clear the wreck is a slaving ship from the 1700s – one that was recorded as sinking in the Caribbean – and Rachel begins to wonder if there’s more to this terrible mystery than meets the eye.

Faced with uncertainty about both the past and present, can Rachel learn from Abigail’s extraordinary story and take the first step towards a brighter future of her own?


Kate Hewitt is the bestselling author of many novels of women’s fiction, including the Hartley-by-the-Sea series set in the Lake District, the Willoughby Close series set in the Cotswolds, and Tales From Goswell written as Katharine Swartz. Her novel A Mother’s Goodbye has been called ‘unputdownable’ and ‘the most emotional book I have ever read’ by readers. Her latest novel, Not My Daughter, is out now, and No Time to Say Goodbye is available for preorder.

She lives in a small market town in Wales with her husband and five young(ish) children, along with their two Golden Retrievers. Join her newsletter for monthly updates and giveaways on her website, or be part of her Facebook groups Kate’s Reads.

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