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England, 1916:  The war is coming to an end, and with so much loss and brokenness the world will never be the same.  So many broken families and lives forever changed.  Elenor is still feeling the pain of losing her brother and wonders how she will ever pull herself together to continue on with her life.  Her father soon hires a landscaper to restore the gardens behind their house.  Jack is from Yorkshire and comes from a different class of people that Elenor does.  But that doesn’t deter them from spending time together in the gardens and restoring them to the beautiful place that they once were.  Present day: One hundred years later Marin suddenly finds herself to be the legal guardian of her fifteen year old half sister, Rebecca.  Their father and his second wife were killed in a tragic accident and Marin is the only family that Rebecca has left.  The sisters are strangers to each other and they both are in need of a fresh start.  Rebecca begs Marin to move to the village of Goswell on the Cumbrian coast.  Marin agrees to move and it could be exactly what they both need.  They soon find a locked door to a secret garden located behind the house they just moved into.  But when they also find a photograph of a young girl in that very garden, they unlock more than just the door to the garden, they unlock a door to their past.

This story was absolutely amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is such a wonderful storyline and the author does an amazing job of tying the first book in this series to this second installment.  The lovely description of Goswell on the Cumbrian coast makes me want to visit. This story of hope, love, family, friends and reconciliation is just what I needed.  This story hit all the feels and had my emotions on a roller coaster.  I loved this installment to what is proving to be a fabulous series.  I like the characters very much and I found this book to be unputdownable.  I definitely recommend this story that can be read as part of the series or a stand-alone.

Thank you Kate Hewitt for such a wonderful continuation to this amazing series, I loved it.


Rat ing: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Kate Hewitt
Publisher: Bookouture 
Publication Date: November 17, 2022 
Pages: 405 
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“I had to free it,” Eleanor said, and stretched her hand out to the blue butterfly that seemed almost to hover in the air. “I had to let something find what happiness it could, since we cannot.”

England, 1918: As war ends, across the world, people are trying to heal and recover. But Eleanor still feels broken. The loss of her beloved brother, killed just days before the Armistice was signed, feels impossibly unjust. Spending her time in the neglected garden behind their house, she fears her heart will never recover.

Then her father hires a man to help restore the garden to its former glory. Gruff, handsome Yorkshireman 
Jack comes from a totally different world to Eleanor, but he understands the nature of her grief more than anyone else seems to. And as they spend time together, even though she knows her family will never accept someone of Jack’s class, Eleanor starts to wonder if – like the butterflies around them – there is any way for her to learn to soar again...

Now: Nearly one hundred years later, Marin is not prepared for finding herself the guardian of her fifteen-year-old half-sister Rebecca, after her father and his second wife are killed in a tragic accident. The sisters are practically strangers, and Rebecca’s grief makes her seem even more distant. Marin too is in need of a fresh start, so when Rebecca begs her to let them move to the picturesque village of Goswell on the Cumbrian coast, Marin impulsively agrees.

But it is only when they find a locked door to a secret garden, and a photograph of a girl with a butterfly landing on her hand, that the sisters start to realise they have a mystery to solve, one about war, about secrets, and about a love that could never be. A mystery that might just bring them together…


Kate Hewitt is the bestselling author of many novels of women’s fiction, including the Hartley-by-the-Sea series set in the Lake District, the Willoughby Close series set in the Cotswolds, and Tales From Goswell written as Katharine Swartz. Her novel A Mother’s Goodbye has been called ‘unputdownable’ and ‘the most emotional book I have ever read’ by readers. Her latest novel, Not My Daughter, is out now, and No Time to Say Goodbye is available for preorder.

She lives in a small market town in Wales with her husband and five young(ish) children, along with their two Golden Retrievers. Join her newsletter for monthly updates and giveaways on her website, or be part of her Facebook groups Kate’s Reads.

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