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Elizabeth Keller is a cardiac surgeon and desires a new start, a fresh beginning.  It is a very difficult task being a member of a family full of scandals.  She works and lives in the same town she grew up in. The residents of Cypress Bayou can’t seem to forget the kind of person she was when she was younger.  Dr. Charlie Beaudoin arrives in Cypress Bayou trying to escape his past.  Leaving New Orleans behind, he is ready for a new beginning, a fresh start.  Elizabeth and Charlie are co-workers but Elizabeth, fears that he may be there to replace her.  When a hurricane is threatens the Bayou, with mass destruction to the town and the hospital, Elizabeth and Charlie join forces to protect the residents of the town.  Romance between the two is unavoidable and the storm is shaking up more than just the town.

Bayou Redemption authored by Susan Sands is a wonderful unputdownable story about love, new beginnings and second chances.  I loved the flip of every page of this book.  I love the character of Elizabeth and that she would go to great lengths to save her patients.  She loved the town and was invested in the people of the town.  I also really enjoyed the story of Charlie he was looking for a new beginning and in the process found love.  The twists and turns and the suspense of this story was a welcome surprise.  I couldn’t wait to get to the end.  I have enjoyed this series so much, it is a favorite of mine.  I love the description of the Bayou and felt like I lived there.  Sands is amazing at pulling the reader into the story and not letting them go.  This is the fourth book and final installment in the phenomenal Louisiana Series.  You could read this as a standalone novel but my suggestion is begin at book one and read the entire series.  It is so good and you will want to follow the characters through the whole series.  This is one that will stay with me for a while.  I highly recommend this ten star read.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author:  Susan Sands 
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Publication Date: May 21, 2024
Pages: 252
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She wants to find Mr. Perfect, but first she needs to fine tune her own Ms. Perfect…

Skilled cardiac surgeon Elizabeth Keller is determined to turn over a new leaf. Not easy when you live and work in the same small town where you grew up and your family’s rocked by scandals. Plus there’s the painful fact everyone remembers your brilliant, beautiful, blonde mean girl adolescence. But Elizabeth doesn’t give up easily. Ask anyone including the new hot surgeon gunning for her job.

When Dr. Charlie Beaudoin arrives in Cypress Bayou, he’s relieved to put the past and New Orleans behind him. His new partner is as gorgeous as she is captivating, and definitely suspicious of his professional intentions. At first Charlie works to establish respect, trust and friendship with Elizabeth because he needs the job. But when a hurricane threatens the town and hospital, he and Elizabeth pull together to create a safety plan and soon the lines between professional and personal blur.

But when the skies clear and secrets and threats surround them, will their budding romance and fragile trust survive?


A self-described late bloomer, Susan Sands began writing her first novel at age forty. She compares her challenging journey to publication as “raising another child—a difficult one.”

Susan has published five southern, contemporary women’s fiction novels set in Alabama. She describes her humorous small-town stories as fun, romantic, and filled with big family love. Susan also writes authentic place-as-a-character southern fiction with a humorous voice in addition to her Alabama series.

Susan has three grown children and lives with her dentist husband in Roswell, GA. She has a degree in elementary education, is a member of the Georgia Romance Writers, the Romance Writers of America, the Atlanta Writer’s Club,  Womens Fiction Writers of America (WFWA), and the Broadleaf Writers Association. She participates in book festivals, book clubs, and writer’s conferences around the South. Susan is the recipient of the 2017 Georgia Author of the Year award for romance.

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