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Poland, 1943, World War II rages on across Europe.  People take on horrible jobs so that they can provide for their families.  They don’t have a choice.  Irena serves cocktails in the local hotel, to the Nazis that visit often.  Trying to not get noticed by any of the German’s is not easy.  And then when she catches the eye of Richter who is a member of the Gestapo, she knows her life will never be the same.  Her worst fear comes true when she becomes pregnant.  She goes into hiding and knows she must do everything possible to keep her baby safe.  But, Richter is a high ranking officer and it is impossible for Irena to keep her baby a secret.  When she gives birth, the baby is taken from her.  Argentina, 1994 Irena’s husband passes away and she decides to return to Poland, her mission is to avenge her son that was taken from her all those years ago.

The Winter Child written by Carly Schabowski is a phenomenal and heartbreaking story.  There aren’t many storylines like this in the Historical Fiction genre.  This amazing story includes a dual timeline which is a favorite of mine.  I always love stories of history and present day, because they teach historical events and then at the flip of the page, fast forward you to current events.  Schabowski does it again, with a heartfelt, emotional and unputdownable story that will leave you in tears.  This is an absolute must read for every historical fiction fan and I highly recommend it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Author: Carly Schabowski

Publisher:  Bookouture 
Publication Date: May 16, 2024
Pages: 314 
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Carly Schabowski worked as a journalist in both North   Cyprus and Australia before returning to Oxford, where she studied for an MA and then a PhD in creative writing at Oxford Brookes University. Carly now teaches at Oxford Brookes University as an associate lecturer in Creative Writing for first and second-year English literature students.

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