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Rose loves spending her days with a pencil in her hand sketching beautiful gowns. She often wonders if they will ever see the light of day.  Working in her family’s shop is not her life’s dream.  But her fairytale wish comes true when she is hired to work for Lady Christina, the Countess of Bath.  Shortly after arriving at Henlow House, the royal lifestyle far exceeds her expectations.  When she meets Henry Ward, the saddler, her new job could be short lived.  She doesn’t want to lose her job or her new status, but if the connection between Henry and Rose comes to light it could change everything.  

Dressing the Countess written by Rachel Brimble is a wonderful, fast-paced novel of chasing your dreams.  Rose never gave up on what she wanted in life.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story from cover to cover.  This is the first book I have read written by this author and I will definitely read more of her work.  I loved the detailed description of not just the beautiful gowns but the rooms and hallways of Henlow House sounded enchanting.  I also really enjoyed the way Brimble described the characters and their relationships with one another making them sound like people in my life.  The relationship between Rose and her parents was very relatable.  This story played out like a movie in my mind’s eye.  The Victorian Era is one of my favorite time periods, so I knew from the very first page I would love this book and I was not disappointed.  This captivating story with unforgettable characters is definitely a book I highly recommend.




Author:  Rachel Brimble
Publisher:  Harpeth Road Press
Publication Date: May 9, 2024
Pages: 268
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Rose tightened her hold on her sketchbook and walked in a slow circle around the mannequin in front of her, her head tilted and eyes narrowed...The dress was a triumph. Her best yet.

Rose Watson cannot believe her good fortune when she’s plucked from obscurity to work for Lady Christina, the Countess of Bath.

When she arrives at the royal residence of Henlow House, a sense of destiny whispers through her. But once she meets saddler 
Henry Ward, her dreams are met with challenge of every kind. Rose’s new connection to Henry could cause her to lose her position at Henlow House, which would destroy her.

Will she be forced to choose between love and ambition? Either choice would change her life irrevocably.


Author of over thirty novels published by Harlequin, Aria Fiction, and Kensington Publishing, among others, author Rachel Brimble is a romantic fiction dynamo. Her historical fiction novels are mostly set in the wonderful city of Bath, England, a short drive from her home. Bath is rich in history and its Georgian architecture is world famous. She is currently at work on her next novel.

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