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Chef Lana Kelly just completed culinary school and turned her late father’s old fish market into a very successful restaurant.  Her family lost their Cape Cod inn and it was always her dream to expand the inn and keep it in the family. Finally, the inn goes up for sale and Lana immediately puts in an offer.  But Hunter Graham, a property developer in New York City out bids her and wants to make it into an event venue.  She is struggling to keep her restaurant going, and as the inn slowly slips through her fingers, so do the summer days and her hopes and dreams.

Fly Away Summer written by author Lindsay Gibson is an absolutely lovely delightful story.  I was drawn into this story by not only the beautiful cover but the turn of every page kept my attention.  I was cheering for Lana as she kept moving forward, no matter the setbacks.  Gibson is amazing at describing Cape Cod with its cool summer breezes and the bay waters lapping the shore. I felt like I wanted to walk on the sandy beach and dip my toes in the bay. I loved the story of Lana and Hunter.  This heartwarming story with its fabulous characters and notes of love, loss, new friends and new beginnings is exactly what I needed.  Get swept away with this amazing story.  Lindsay Gibson is an auto buy author for me and I look forward to reading many more of her stories.  I highly recommend this ten star read…I loved it.




Author:  Lindsay Gibson
Publisher:  Harpeth Road Press
Publication Date: May 15, 2024
Pages: 300
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After losing her beloved family’s Cape Cod inn right after culinary school, chef Lana Kelly converts her late father’s old fish market next door into a successful restaurant. However, over the years, she’s kept her eye on the inn with dreams to expand. She also hopes she can acquire the property for her grandad so he’ll know it’s back in the family before his dementia causes the memory to vanish for good.

When the inn goes up for sale, she rushes to put in an offer. But 
Hunter Graham of Graham Property Development in New York City snapped it up and plans to transform it into an event venue. With competition on the Cape continuing to rise, Lana worries about how to keep her little restaurant growing. And she isn’t so thrilled about her new neighbor.

Next to the lapping waters of the bay and the summer breezes, Lana is forced to face the truth. But will that truth be losing the inn forever or finding something more?

A heartwarming summer romance that will sweep you away to the sparkling New England coast. An incredible story that you will not be able to put down, full of healing, family ties, and best of all, love.


Lindsay’s first book, her memoir, Just Be: How my Stillborn Son Taught Me to Surrender, won the Book Excellence finalist award in 2018. She has been featured in Elephant JournalGreen Child Magazine, and Self Magazine.


Lindsay now writes emotional romantic fiction, full of heartfelt love, good friends, and family, sprinkled with humor and tender warmth, where her characters discover that love is the reason for everything. Her debut romantic fiction novel The Christmas Promise with Harpeth Road Press, set in a charming New England town at the holidays is now available.


When not writing fiction, she is working on her exclusive weekly newsletter Love is the Reason about all things love, food and healthy living. She spends the rest of her days chasing her three daughters around their hometown in Connecticut and hanging out with her Irish husband whose brogue still makes her blush.

Lindsay is available for book talks, speaking engagements and interviews both online and in person

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